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    My network provider uses different settings for GPRS and MMS:

    username: digi
    password: digi
    APN: diginet

    username: mms
    password: mms
    APN: digimms

    All other Network Preferences are the same.

    I know I can enter these settings in Network Preferences on my Treo 600, but I cannot seem to define a seperate service for GPRS and MMS (even though the down arrow next to Service seems to suggest you can have more than one).

    Do I really need to change the settings every time I switch from GPRS to MMS and back? Or am I overlooking something?
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    Not sure which provider you use but you should be able to tap on MENU and then NEW. This will start a new service connection. Just fill in the fields for your MMS Service andwhen finished, you should be able to switch between the two.
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    Thank you very much! That's exactly the info I need. Sorry for being such a newbie. (I've only had my Treo for two days!)

    My provider is Digi ( in Malaysia. Don't suppose you could have guessed that!

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