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    The subject merely states that it complements the built-in, which it does: if you take a pic and store it on a card, you can see it much more clearly than the built in program.
    While it doesn't state the need for a card, it isn't misleading: It is awesome, and it's free, and it complements Treo Picture.
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    Originally posted by AfroCreame
    Crashes and resets here too..I'll stick with Acid Image
    Ditto, crashes everytime I try to view a picture taken with the treo camera..............DELETED!
    No good deed goes unpunished
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    You may want to have a look at the review of 9 image viewers that I posted in the Multimedia forum. IMHO the best viewer is RescoView, and their latest version lets you access the camera images even if you haven' put them on an SD card.
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