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    Well I contacted Superior Communications for an update on the CDMA car kit. The response was not good.


    I am inquiring as to when the Car Kit for the CDMA Treo 600 will begin shipping from Superior Communications? Also is their any information available on this kit or will the specs be identical to the GSM Treo 600 car kit that is being made by THB, will the kit look identical?

    Thank you for your time,


    Mr. Nichols,

    The Car Kit currently does not work with the CDMA version of the Treo 600. To my knowledge the Car Kit will be compatible with the second revision of the phone.


    Are you saying that their will not be a car kit for the existing CDMA Treo owners? If so I am very upset by this. The GSM version of the phone has a working version if the car kit that is made by THB that is currently available. Can you please elaborate on your statements?



    I can't speak for Handspring but this is my understanding, The CDMA phone that is out on the market will never work with the car kit. The information from Handspring regarding the car kit is that it is onlycompatible with GSM.

    So either they are idiots, or Handspring is lying to us. I plan to forward this e-mail to PalmOne demanding clarification.
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    Well I finally heard back from PalmOne about the car kit. After the idiots first referred me to the car charger saying it would work with the CDMA version, I had to reply that I was talking about the Car Kit for Hands-Free operation. Here was their Response:

    Thank you for contacting Handspring:
    Right now we haven't been given specific information about why the Hands-free car kit doesn't work with the CDMA version of the 600, only that it does not, and the version that does won't be out until next April.

    You wrote:

    Thank You,
    palmOne formerly Handspring Customer Care
    I feel really good knowing that PalmOne doesn't know why one of the accessories that a contractor is developing for them doesn't work.

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