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    Snapper Mail or the new GSM thing? Or is there something better? Mainly looking for automatic mail check. I have Eudora now...don't think that does it.
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    and decide which one you like more. Both have pluses and minuses and depending on your usuage pattern you may prefer one the other. And of course one is a lot cheaper
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    them both if you have to pay for Snapper. The only thing I am looking for is automatic mail check periodically. I don't do a lot of e-mails and certainly don't sort into folders or anything fancy like that. Purely personal fun type stuff.
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    has a free trial last time I checked. HS Mail has pretty sweet background retrieval of email so you might want to give it a shot. If you are only doing the basics, it is more than adequate and a lot of thought has gone into how it integrate with the Treo 600 HW.

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