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    Originally posted by OmegaRed1723
    Well, here's an addendum to this rant. As it turns out, my unwavering impatience paid off. Even though I was told to wait 24-48 hours to call Sprint, as that is when the Handspring rep told me Sprint would have the ESN, I called back like 2 hours later.....and lo and behold: the phone was able to be activated! Even then, Sprint told me to wait 2-4 hours to use the phone to give it time to provision and whatnot. Yeah, right. I started playing as soon as I got off the phone with Sprint Customer Service.

    So, was I out of line to rant as I did? Probably. I said I was irrational in my post! (My apologies to the moderators for my inappropriate title--I thought I had edited the title enough initially, but I will be more cognizant of the rules & regulations of the forum in the future) It was the culmination of almost 4 weeks of waiting for a phone that I could have had instantly had I done what I normally do when buying new gear: go and pay $2-300 more than retail on eBay. I suppose patience is virtue I'm still working on. And while I do think this was a Handspring issue, one would think Sprint would have just a little more knowledge of the situation, seeing as the Handspring rep told me that she was getting a ton of calls from Sprint directly about this issue. How hard would it be for Sprint to broadcast this message over its network somehow to notify CSRs of this problem so they could convey the message to customers? My guess is not very. Meanwhile, the folks at Handspring were 1. Very easy to get a hold of (no waiting 20 minutes on hold), and, 2. Aware of the situation, and told me how to remedy that. So I'm less upset with Handspring, even though I had to wait and wait and wait and wait for the darn phone. Of course, this is all a moot point now, because I have my T600 and am LOVING IT!!!
    Well, good for you....

    A few points to consider.

    First and foremost, as to the comments you've received regarding whether it's appropriate to feel as you do, I have a simple word of advice. IGNORE THESE PEOPLE. You have every right to feel as you do and no one has the right to tell you otherwise.

    HS has acted ABOMINABLY in the rollout of this device because, before they were acquired, they were near bankrupt and running out of money. That's probably why you ran into your problem. They've always been a small company, but now, after their signature Treo 180/270/300 did NOT rescue the company (and has NEVER been profitable), they obviously have trouble (a) obtaining inventory to fill orders and (b) design a product without serious design compromises. They enticed you with a shameful email campaign spread out over months and then had nothing to deliver. And when they didn't have what to deliver, they resorted to LIES.

    Personally, I think that the bloom will soon fall off your Treo 600 rose. It is, at the end of the day, a very interesting product no doubt. And truth be told, it's about 75% of what it could/should be and they've charged you 100% of what it could/should be. Beyond that, it's not unlikely that you will run into problems with craftsmenship. Having owned just about every smartphone/PDA around, I have NEVER had as many problems with anything else as I have had with Treos. Just look at these boards and you will see the stories of rattles, tinny speakers, etc.

    I hope you don't, but I fully expect that in less than a year, you will be looking at something else.

    As to people talking about soldiers in combat, etc, that is nothing other than devotees who would allow the maker of their favorite toy crap in their hats while keeping a smile. Because the truth is, their logic can be turned in a lot of different ways. There are people starving in the world! How DARE they spend $400 on a portable telephone?????
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    Noone likes my silly story?
    Jeez! Need attention, much? That's the second reminder post to what was a marginally funny original post.


    "That anecdote about the high school kid and the Treo 180 was really a gut buster!!!!! ROFLMAO!!!!"

    That should satisfy your ego.

    "These aren't the droids you're looking for...MOVE ALONG! MOVE ALONG!"
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    I called Sprint back about 3 hours after my first call, and after talking with Handspring. And had no problem. Infact, this was the easiest phone to provision that I've ever seen - all I had to do was type in my phone number wait a second and it said "Welcome to Sprint". Vision came online about 5 minutes later! Flawless, compared to my 300 provisioning tales...
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    Originally posted by zipmitz

    Well, good for you....

    A few points to consider.
    I Agree, nothing worse than people whining about other users rantings!

    ----CAUTION---- If my GSM Treo 600 phone doesn't work when I receive it after several months of waiting, I'm liable to burst into an uncontrolable fit of rage, and spout nonsense uncontrollably for various post . Please add me to your kill file immediately.

    Thank You
    No good deed goes unpunished
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