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    Is there a tv remote control application available for the treo 600?
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    Originally posted by lghitis
    Is there a tv remote control application available for the treo 600?
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    noviiremote might work; the download page at palmgear doesn't specify that the treo 600 is excluded. but they are working on updates, so who knows? I'll try it tonight and see........
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    hold up; froze me up. don't try
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    I heard a rumor that all the current IR remote programs will have to be updated with a "Treo 600" option with them. Somthing about the way they "hook" (this is programming terminology) the IR port.
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    Note: NoviiRemote works well on most Handspring devices (except Treo 600, which the next version of NoviiRemote will cover).
    If anyone hears of a release for the 600 support post it here.
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    The latest version of Omniremote supports the Treo600! Unfortunately the IR range is **** poor...
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    I tried OmniRemote with my Treo600 (GSM, but I doubt that makes any diff). For my TV, the Treo has to be like a foot away for anything to work. But my Tivo gets the signal from a good 8 feet away or so.

    Anyway, now that my two favorite gadgets are intimate (Treo and Tivo), I can't wait to see what kind of offspring they make.

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