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    I'm starting to think that the Cingular GSM orders are not going to be processed today as advertised on the web site.

    If Handspring is just now getting around to processing Sprint orders from 10/27-10/29 it seems to me like we still have a couple days before they'll start to process the 11/2-11/3 GSM orders.

    Things that make me go hmmm...
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    They will probably not proccess today, I doubt if they even do tomorrow.
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    I ordered GSM 11/2 my order just moved to approving credit card.
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    Yep. My credit card is approved. YAY! I'm glad I was wrong. Now hopefully they'll ship soon. I'd like the new toy to play with over Thanksgiving.
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    Yup, here's the latest:
    Order Number:
    Order Date:
    11/03/2003 09:40:28 AM Order Status:
    Credit Card Approved

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