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    Note: See the "Accessories" forum for more sad stories about Seidio.

    According to the lady I just spoke with, Seidio hasn't even begun shipping their NEW Seidio two in one headsets for the Treo 600 (please post a reply if you have actually have received a pair). I ordered a set last week thinking these things were in stock. In reality, if this lady is correct, all we have is a picture of the headsets on the website, but they're at least a couple weeks away from shipping. They have mislead many people into thinking this thing was in production just so they could get the "pre-orders" and be first to market. To me, that's shoddy business practices.

    If that wasn't enough, a usb/sync charger I bought from Seidio for my T300 last year ended up in the trash as the sole suspect in frying my T300 (it took a few months for the "frying" to be complete and the first sign something was wrong was when it failed to allow a hot sync anymore - beware!). I'm beginning to think this company is more racket than substance.

    So for me, this has been my last go around with Seidio. I'll look elsewhere for my Treo 600 accessories.
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    They have my money too. Where are my headphones ???
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    I ordered the 2-in-1 for the 300, and got a call from them saying that it would not work with the 300 (huh?) and that it would be weeks before it shipped. I cancelled the order and never did order it. I guess I am glad now. I was planning to order the headset/phones, but now I will wait until the guinea pigs....err....early adopters post their experiences.

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