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    Ok, here's the deal. I bought a Treo 300 and a 2 yr PDA replacement plan from Compusa a little over a year ago. I think that my Treo is going to "break" soon

    I'm not interested in receiving another Treo. I'm not even 100% sure if Compusa has a phone or PDA that I would like to get.

    What can I expect when I take my Treo in. Will I only get a new 300 back? If there are no 300's there, will I only be offered a new PDA, or can I just get store credit to buy anything I'd like?

    On a related note, if my Treo were to break, what would be the easiest, most common way, that would lead to the least amount of hassle when using my replacement plan?
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    I just went through almost the same situation a couple of weeks ago, so I will share my experience.

    I had a Visor Prism that I used with VisorPhone that was under CompUSA 2 year replacement warranty. It wasnt completely defective, but there were enough things wrong with it that I felt justified in asking for a replacement. Here are the 2 main reasons that I gave to CompUSA: 1)The up button worked about 50% of the time. 2)Everytime I had to hotsync, I had to spend about 10 minutes pressing the button on the cradle, exiting the desktop software & restarting, rebooting, etc to get it to work, and it was getting worse.

    They took my pda & said they had to send it to be checked out and they would get back to me with their decision in 3 days. A week (and 15 phone calls) later, they phoned to tell me that they would replace my old pda with a new Tungsten E. (Word of caution Ė donít give them your original receipt with your PDA. Let them make copies & you hold on to your original. They lost the copy of my receipt, didnít bother telling me until I called on day 3 to ask about the status, & I had to fax them a copy!) I complained that the Tungsten E did not have phone capability, and therefore was not as good as my old visor prism w/visorphone. I thought that was a good argument, but they didnt buy it. I should have pushed harder, though. But since phone capability is built into your Treo 300, and not just an accessory, they should definitely have to offer you a smartphone replacement. If I were you, I would insist on the Tungsten W, which at the moment is the only thing they have in stock that is comparable to your Treo 300. But, youíre thinking, what if I donít want a Tungsten W?

    Well I didnít want a Tungsten E, so as an alternative, they offered me a credit for the value of the Tungsten E, but only for store cost, not list! This last bit I objected to strenuously, and while they wouldnít budge on the amount of the credit, a sympathetic manager did agree to knock off an equivalent amount from the item that I purchased with the credit. Of course, you could always take whatever item they give you and sell it on ebay! In the end, I would say I was satisfied with my outcome. Of course, Iím going to miss that beautiful 64,000 color screen on my Prism after I eventually switch to the T600!

    One other thing Ė others on this forum have noted that CompUSA has recently changed the terms of their PDA Replacement Plan to only give you a refurbished model of whatever item you are replacing. There are plenty of refurbished T300ís still around, so they might try to stick you with one of those. However, that was a recent policy change (within the past year) and those were definitely not the terms of the policy you purchased two years ago! Hopefully you saved a copyÖ You may have to be insistent that they stick to the terms of your policy, which means giving you a brand new Treo300 or a suitable alternative. Since CompUSA no longer stocks the Treo300, they will have to go with the alternative.

    Good luck!

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