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    According to the lady I just spoke with, Seidio hasn't even begun shipping their NEW Seidio two in one headsets for the Treo 600 (please post a reply if you have actually have received a pair). I ordered a set last week thinking these things were in stock. In reality, if this lady is correct, all we have is a picture of the headsets on the website, but they're at least a couple weeks away from shipping. They have mislead many people into thinking this thing was in production just so they could get the "pre-orders" and be first to market. To me, that's shoddy business practices.

    If that wasn't enough, a usb/sync charger I bought from Seidio for my T300 last year ended up in the trash as the sole suspect in frying my T300 (it took a few months for the "frying" to be complete and the first sign something was wrong was when it failed to allow a hot sync anymore - beware!). I'm beginning to think this company is more racket than substance.

    So for me, this has been my last go around with Seidio. I'll look elsewhere for my Treo 600 accessories.
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    I have placed my order for a pair of 2-in-1 headphone on 17 Nov, till today I have not received any email regarding the shipment. I have wrote twice and fax once to them, but they did not response. I think you are right, they don't have the headphone in stock.

    I am prepare to cancel my order if they don't reply me by tomorrow!
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    I have found a 2 in1 headset that workds on the T600!!

    And boy is it great, unfortuneately I am traveling and threw the package out so I can't provide the Model Number.

    I bought it at Frys, it's made by Colby and sells for $14.99!!!!

    2 phone jacks
    1) 2.5mm that fits right into the T600 (without the form fitting case, that's a whole nother story)

    2) Standard phone jack for MP3 player or whatever.

    Inline switch that goes from Phone to Audio, while listening to my Pocket Tunesplayer, the incoming call rings thru the onboard speaker, switch to phone and 2 way telephone conversation is funneled to headset

    While listening to PocketTunes you can use any application on the T600 and have great background music while you're at it

    Everyday I found more reasons to love this marvelous piece of engineering

    Thanks Handspring
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    Thanks for the impressions.

    Are you using the 2.5 mm jack exclusively or switching back and forth between the 3.5 when listening to MP3s?

    If you are using the 2.5 mm jack for MP3, can you confirm that you are getting full stereo?

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    yes I am using just the 2.5mm plug
    but I can't swear it's true stereo, I do know the music is coming out of both ear pieces. something perculiar aboit the unit. in the phone mode I hear thru both ear pieces and when I switch to audio
    I only hear thru left earpiece, but in phone mode I can play pocketunes and when a call comes in pt cuts out when I answer the phone and then carry on a handsfree conversation thru both earpieces......sstrange but great,
    by the I'm sending rhis from my
    T 600 while waiting for my plane
    to finish loading. how cool is this??????
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    Does that headset have an on/off switch that will answer/hangup calls?
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    no on & off switch, but when you hear the ring just hit your center button of the 5 way and you will be connected to your incoming call
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    The Coby headphones sound promising, just one point. If you are listening to Pocket Tunes and call comes in, I understand from your reply that it rings on the phone itself, and not through headphones. If Pocket Tunes does not automatically stop on incoming call, personally, I would never hear the phone ring while listening to music. I suppose leaving the phone in vibrate would vibrate on incoming call, true?
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    Correctoin to last posting, Pocket Tunes will cut out when call comes in, so it does sound promising, have you confrimed miscropphone works and any update to whether it is true stereo?

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