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    Hi all - stoopid Pocket PC user again.

    I am happily using IR to sync but want to establish an IR link for file transfer. Can't see an app on the Treo that simply opens the IR port allowing me to make a connection to my laptop. Sorry to sound dense - getting used to Palm.
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    Hit menu, then BEAM. Your laptop when then recieve the file.

    Works the other way around too.. just have your laptop send the file and your phone will ask if you wana save it.
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    Works great. Think menu needs a receive function too. Cheers
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    Your phone will just notify automatically when you try to send a file from your laptop. Once you confirm the "ok", it then recieves the file. Nothing to click.
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    Just to add some more info here: you can also increase the functionality of beam receive by using a third party app like Receiveit of Mcfile that lets you beam any type of file onto your expansion card besides known palm file types. Very cool way to make you Treo's SD card into a mobile storage site. Also, Receiveit can accept files from PPC's as well!
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