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    I have a Sprint Treo 300. I want a Sprint Treo 600 and give my old Treo 300 to my wife. Basically add a phone (Tre600) and switch numbers. The question is.......

    How can i get the best deal ? Should I call retention? Go the the Sprint store ? Buy it online ? Anyone have any experience with a similar deal ? Thanks! (once I can get a good deal, I'll snag that T600!)
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    the deal they gave me yesterday was that i could get a treo 600 for $99

    but i had to sign up for 2 years ($100) a rebate ($100) and i had to send in the Treo 300 for credit ($300).

    the reason they did it for me is that i have had my 300 replaced 3 times and it was going bad again. (could not hear people on the phone).

    maybe you can get your treo replaced and order her a new 300 it might be cheaper ?

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