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    I got the cookie bug today and was able to fix it and preserve my cookies as well.

    (This may seem obvious, but I havenít seen any other posts on it.)

    When I just got the cookie bug for the first time, I did a hard reset and reverted my entire T6 to an automated backup from 3 days ago. (Backupman allows you to save multiple days worth of backups within the automated backup schedule.) Then, from last nightís automated backup set, I individually restored other files (not browser related) that had had changes in the last few days. It all took about 1 minute, and Iím up and running with cookies working, all old cookies preserved and no other lost data.

    As a side note: I first tried to restore just the Web Cookie file only, after doing just a soft reset, and that, by itself, did not work.

    Backupman is a life saver.

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