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    Is there any app which will let me "chicken scratch" on the screen some text in a notepad? When I am in hands free mode and someone gives me a number I want to be able to Opt-X for example to scrible on the screen to jot down a number someone is giving me? Maybe even save that as a note..

    I saw some apps like this for the palm but couldn't find any info on OS5 or Treo compatibility.
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    try newpen
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    I used Diddlebug on my Treo for just this functionality. I haven't gotten my 600 yet so I can't say if it works for sure, but Palmgear claims that Diddlebug version 2.60 is OS 5 compatible.
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    I use DiddleBug on my Treo 600. Great for those times when you just need to jot down a digit or a reminder. In fact, mine came free when in downloaded and tried SnapperMail.
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    Diddlebug is freeware. I suppose I should have mentioned that in my first post
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    Diddlebug here. It works fine on the Treo 600. Except the alarm function doesn't seem to sound if the Treo is off.

    But for what it appears you want to use it for...and what I use it's great.

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    BugMe from Electric Pocket is my fav -

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