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    Hi all -

    This is not an advertisement, but rather praise for an extremely dedicated developer who has made an fantastic game that is optimized for the Treo600.

    What seems like ages ago, I got the shareware game 3D blockout. The developer has patiently stuck with me as I've migrated from handheld to handheld. I now have a Treo600 and of the games I play, this is the one I wanted the most. He has been patient as I reported quirks I saw in the game while using the Treo600. After a few weeks of back and forth, he has completed the optimization. It's great to be able to play this game once again.

    This is as good as the Internet gets: Hooking up with someone half-way across the world, collaborating, and both parties benefititng.

    So forget being productive for a moment or two. That important call can wait, that e-mail could be delayed for a couple of minutes. Check out 3D-Blockout and see how cool games can be on the Treo600. You can find it at:


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    I remember this game from the DOS days!!!
    I thought it was great, and am glad to see it make its way to the Treo! It's a great twist on an old favorite, if you haven't played it before. And let me tell you... some of these pieces can be VERY hard to place with the addition of the third dimension.

    I'll probably play it a little more before I decide to register it.. make sure I can get back into the groove of the game.


    - Mike
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    Game looks good but full 600 support still has a way to go. For instance once MENU has been pressed you can't scroll through the options with the 5-way and perhaps more frustratingly a second press of MENU doesn't cancel the menu. Thumbnail or stylus is called for...
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    Cool game! Thanks for the link! Anyway, has anyone figured out how to make the game work with PowerRun? I read the Readme and I was able to load the game fine from the card by moving the main file to the laucher folder as oer the instructions...but I would like to get this to work via PowerRun as well b/c then I could just put the 3Dblockout icon under games! Yeah, I know that a little anal but I like things on organized on my Treo! Anyway, I can't get PowerRun to load only the main app file w/o moving rest of the file as well...any thoughts?
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