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    Do SD cards (memory only, not IO) consume much battery just sitting in the slot?
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    i would imagine they use a miniscule amount when the treo is on.

    when it is off, i don't think they do. if they did, it is such a small amount that it doesn't matter.

    actually, since the treo registers a sound when you put in/take out a card, i imagine there is a small standby signal.
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    Flash memory does not require power to retain data, so the power consumption of a SD flash card should only be a few microamps, depending on how the card interacts with the system.
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    I happen to have the exact figures you are looking for!

    By example, a Sandisk SD memory card draws 40mA (milliamps) when in use and 150uA (microamps) when in standby.

    In other words, the power consumption drops to roughly 1/250 when in standby...truly negligible.


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