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    I'm waiting for my order of BoxWave Clear Touch screen protectors to arrive and I've read they're a pain to clean if dust gets on them. I was curious if this is only a problem in the installation phase, or if dust can work its way beneath the screen protector once it's installed? I was hoping to keep my T600 naked in my pant pocket once I put the screen protector on, but if dust can work its way underneath the screen protector once installed a pant pocket would only accellerate that problem.
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    I just got them myself & it seems pretty secure on the screen - it seems like unless you deliberately attempt to pry up the edge of the boxwave, nothing can get under it

    I'm sure someone who has had one longer can let you know either way, but I've hadc mine for a couple of days with no problems, & had it in my pocket a lot
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    First thing I did when I got my treo was plop that sucker on :P, No dust, no bubbles, works perfectly.
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    I have them for the Treo 600 now -Just now treo 600 yet.. BUT for my Clie UX50, if dust gets under there, just clean off the screen, take the protector (remember which side sticks on the screen), rinse it off, air dry it (shake it a bit to get all the water off), and reapply... Good as new! That's what I had to do when I got dust under the screen when I first applied the protector. Works great and stays on!!

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    Treo 600 Essentials will be posting a review of the Boxwave protector shortly. Stay tuned.

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