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    I wish we had flash player on the Treo 600, it seems such a flexible format for mobile devices. is there any petition so we can make macromedia take note?
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    Macromedia already has versions of flash for PDA's. Blazer is probably the limitation here....
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    Originally posted by jennyfur
    Macromedia already has versions of flash for PDA's. Blazer is probably the limitation here....
    I don't think this has anything to do with blazer. FYI, all Sony Clies come preinstalled with Macromedia 5 FLASH. The petition should be directed at PalmOne to get them to finally bundle Macromedia with their products like Sony has done with their Clie line...
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    I've setup a poll on the PalmOne forums here .

    I want some real good support for this. Lets make Macromedia take note! Palm users make up a huge proportion of portable users.
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    I am new to the Treo 600 Handspring. Is there any way to install another Browser with the Flash Player such as Opera? I am very keen to install the Flash Player for the Treo. If it is avaiable for the Sony Clie, and other Palm OS devices, whis is not available for the Treo 600?
    Danny Bluestone
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    I'm a flash developer... I was wondering this as well. There's plenty of tutorials and other info for developing flash applications for the Sony Clie on Macromedia's site. But it's not offered as separate download for any other Palm OS 5 devices (see the flash player download page). Such a shame! There has to be a good reason for guess is Sony paying a huge sum of $$$ for exclusive rights or something...
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    Does any one know of any other browsers for the Treo?

    It would be highly benefitial to use Flash as it is lightweight and can adapt to screen sizes easily. So a site/movie/ or mp3 player that has been developed for a pocket pc or sony clie can easily work with the Treo 600.
    Danny Bluestone

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