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    I have set up a new connection on my laptop for a IR connection , and I know where the "connections area is in prefs on my t600, and I have set up both for 115,200 baud rate. But I cant figure out how to make them 'Connect". Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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    Hi there,

    Kevin from Handspring here. Check out the link below. Choose the correct OS and make sure you haven’t missed a step.

    How do I configure my HotSync software?

    Hopefully that will help you figure out what’s going wrong.

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    Kevin I don't believe the problem is with hotsyncing. I believe the desired goal is to use the treo 600 as a modem for the pc via the IR port.

    jhat3k1... I have has limited success using Wireless Modem from I say limited because it works when it wants to and requires some extra yweaking of your laptop. I think if you have XP it's not an issue but I have 2000.
    Notifymails site has some documentation to help, but it's limited.

    Good luck

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