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    I just cancelled my order for the IGOLf SDIO GPS. They did not deliver by Nov. 15 so I did not lose my deposit. I'm glad they did not deliver on time because I discovered and ordered StarCaddy. The advantage to this system is you get StarCaddy's maps which are drawn from satellite and aerial imagery and are geo-referenced to be within about one yard of their actual geographical position. IGolf provides distances to green (front, back and middle) and up to four other points per hold but without any visual representation of each hole. With StarCaddy you see the actual hole, where you ball is at any point, and up to forty other locations are sited on each hole. Cost for courses with StarCaddy is $20 per course whereas with IGOLF the courses are free. (Keep in mind IGOLF is new and is dependent on users in the field to upload course information so it will be awhile before courses will be available other than those you mark off.) I think the cost is worth having the accurate graphic. No navigation software is included with StarCaddy, in contrast to IGOLF which provides Mapopolis. Navigation software, however, can be purchased.

    I was assured by StarCaddy that it would work with the Treo 600 as long as the slot was a true SDIO slot, not one that used drivers to turn it into a SDIO slot. Called Handspring/PalmOne and from the information I provided they concurred that StarCaddy should work. I'll let you know.

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    StarCaddy informed me today that they do not have Palm drivers for the SDIO GPS and do not know when Pharos will provide them. I called Pharos and was informed they were committed to Microsoft and Pocket PC and that Palm drivers were not a priorty for them.

    Does anybody know of a GPS SDIO that works with Palm software that will work on the Treo 600 with StarCaddy's golf course maps?

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