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    Does anyone know of a way to get a narrower font on the treo 600? I know that for older palms, you can use FontHack -- but I don't believe you can use the old hack programs with OS5.

    So, does anybody else have a different solution? There's a couple of free narrow palmOS fonts floating around, but I can't seem to find a way to get them onto a t600. Considering how tiny the screen is, you'd think handspring would have included a narrower font option by default.

    Any help, links, or suggestions are greatly appreciated.
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    Okay, I found TealMaster, which apparently lets you use older hacks with OS5. But it doesn't work with FontHack 123, so it still doesn't get us anywhere. AlphaFonts has a TON of free Palm fonts, including some narrow ones, and a couple of REALLY tiny ones that would be fantastic for email or IM on the crowded T600 screen.

    FontBucket will let you test them and see what they look like, and will allow app writers to include them-- but there's no way to force existing apps to use a new font that I can find, unless you have an older palm that supports the hacks.

    If anybody's got a solution, pleeeeaaase post what you know. Anything to fit more on the low-res screen would be fantastic.
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    There is a reasonable hope for a font Pack on the Treo 600 from Lubak. I've used his fonts for clies and tungstens and they are superb. I would not experiment with any of them on the T600 as they are hardware specifc and you may end up with a hard reset or worse. The HandEra fonts would do the trick. I sent him an email. We'll see.
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    Hi-density devices only.

    Where's my 320X320 Treo NX80?
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    yes, I installed Lubak fonts on my Tungsten T and it completely knackered warned
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    Why do so many threads keep getting moved out of the Treo 600 board? This was a Treo 600-specific question, and I kinda figured that was the right spot for it.

    Utilities sorta makes sense, but not entirely-- I found utilities that DO work for older Treos, and for some of the OS5 Sony Palms, but not for the 600. So I asked a 600-specific question.

    Would a Treo 600 Utilities section make sense?

    Oh well-- I suppose if a wider audience sees this, I have a better chance of finding a solution. I was just trying to put it in the right place, honest.
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    I meant I tried it on my Tungsten T and as it gubbed that I wouldn't put it anywhere near my treo 600

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