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    I just got a deal on the 600 so i decided to buy one. for those that want to know this is what they gave me.

    I had a run of bad luck on my 300 and i have had 3 over the last year. they told me the 600 cost $599

    they gave me
    $300 credit for my old phone.
    $100 credit for a new two year deal. (i started the one i had 4 m ago)
    $100 sprint rebate.

    so my cost was $99

    I do have to send my old phone back.

    my main question is whats the best way to get my applications and data of the old on to the new?

    would i just plug the 600 into the sync and do a re-sync or do i have to start again with all my contacts?

    any tips or advice would be gratefull
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    i just did this maybe 2 hours ago. Looks ok so far.

    I installed the palm desktop on the CD (upgraded version). This version scanned my programs for ones that are not compatible with the new palm OS. I hotsynced when it told me to hotsync. I was missing a bit of data, so I hotsynced again.

    I think that's it.

    Great deal on the treo. Oddly, Sprint won't give me any credit for renewing my contract (I'm currently month-to-month). ????
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    I think Chuhsi has more or less answered your questions, but I’d like to go ahead and add the link to the support page detailing this process, just so you’ll have it:

    How do I upgrade from a Treo smartphone (180, 180g, 270, 300) to Treo 600?

    Best of luck, and congratulations on the new device!
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    Wow. I was thinking about trying to get credit for trading in my 300, but this is the first post I've actually seen about successfully doing it.

    How did the two of you go about doing this? Did you call CS or another number? Thanks.

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