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    I have tried a few of the Corp e-mail re-director applications and can't get them to work on our network. They just won't connect (Sprint PCS Biz Connect, VISTO MessageXpress). Some of the others I'd like to try don't offer a trial version (VersaMail, Notify). Does anyone have a suggestion/recommendation?

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    I know this is going to be a very unpopular answer, but I really think users should talk to their IT folks BEFORE trying to implement something which bypasses the corporate firewall. That includes services like the ones you've mentioned which require a desktop application to essentially forward you email to your handheld. Fact is, they likely can be made to work, but by not informing IT of your actions, you are essentially undermining your company's security policy (yes, this does depend on your company, and whether or not they have an established policy). I can tell you that I effectively block access to all of the services you mentioned (and others), though I do offer two alternatives for my users.

    Now, all of that being said, if you have a legitimate need to access your email from your handheld, your IT folks may be obligated to help you identify and implement a viable solution, of which there are several. Since this loosely falls within my area of responsibilty at work, I can tell you that I would MUCH rather work with end users to establish a standard access method rather than have everyone go off on their own and find ways to circumvent the firewall.

    Just my 2 cents...YMMV.

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    I use and love BaseJet ( It's free for 30 days, and I find it far superior to SprintBC and the others.
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    Joe, is there any way you could get caught using something like this? My IT dept doesn't seem to think that sales needs external access.
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    I agree on the Basejet recommendation. Very similar to Blackberry's re-director witht he added bonus of being able to change the settings (what and how much it sends) from the PDA itself (vs just from the desktop). It's nice to be able to set it to deliver only new stuff, but then be able to retrieve a specific document if the need arises.
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    Originally posted by robber
    Joe, is there any way you could get caught using something like this? My IT dept doesn't seem to think that sales needs external access.
    Yes, of course. My company would catch it, can't speak for yours, but it is definitely technical possible to tell that you are using one of these solutions.

    Too bad about your IT department. My approach would be to escalate. If it is a legitimate business need, then the "business" divisions should require the IT department (funded by the "business" divisions) to provide it. That's how it works where I am.



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