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    I've been using 3nity Password Keeper since my days with the Palm m100. It's a great application for keeping passwords and account numbers etc. (I think it's one of the apps listed on

    3nity on

    Smart-mobile applications

    I got a T600 last month with the 5-way nav control and would love to have this option for 3nity. I e-mailed the author and he said that there currently isn't a version being developed for the T600. If there are any other 3nity users out there that would also like to have a T600 version... maybe we could e-mail the author ( and let hime know the demand for an updated T600 version of the application (if there is any )

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    I've been using SplashID for my passwords and other access info i want to keep private. I understand you've been using that 3nity and it has worked well for you but give SplashID a try. Plus, it has 5-way nav control.

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