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    I thought Sprint's SMS would be available today. Does anyone know when this will become available and if it will cost?
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    Its been pushed back about a month due to software bugs. As your region gets put on-line, you'll have it. Most likely it won't take this long to fix. Until then shortmail, and Treo600SMS still work. after SMS is launched,shortmail thru Vision and Blazer will not however.
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    Will this be free for users with PCS Vision or will there be a charge?
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    Messaging Alert
    Sprint will discontinue the View and Organize Inbox feature for One-Way Messaging and Short Mail from this website beginning on or after the 17th of November. You will still be able to use the Compose feature to send text messages from this website.

    These changes will not affect your Sprint Phone functionality. Short Mail messages are still accessible from your phone's web browser and any text messages/notifications stored on your phone will not be affected.

    Starwufe, you said it would be dead from Blazer and Vision

    Vision is the data sytem, 3G or what ever it is, it's the conduit for Blazer to use Sprint as the ISP, correct?

    Did you mean Blazer and the PCS website (via your PC)?

    I thought you could still get there with web or wireless web?
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    i called today, and they told me that sms would "be available when their nokia phones come out, in mid december"

    that's a whole month later than they told me when i bought the 600.

    at least they were polite as they explained how they still don't have this standard service.

    still, i'm not sure what to think. those guys can't tell the difference between sms, short mail, and...are you ready, when i asked about sms the tech guy said, "do you mean Sprint Messaging Service?"


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