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    I ordered it Oct 28th. I was so elated on Friday when my status changed from Order Received to Awaiting Shipment...

    Finally, a light at the end of a veyr long tunnel...I thought...maybe it will be shipped today and I'll have my phone tomorrow......Since I am having it shipped to work...I actually couldn't wait till the weekend was over...hoping that it will be here soon!

    Yet...I just found out that Handspring found a way to kill those Happy Dreams

    I just got off with Handspring. Looks like they will "most-likely" be shipping this week, but they can not confirm. Definetly it will not be here either today or tomorrow...

    This has been going on for so long now...When are we going to get this PHONE!!!????

    It's becoming a joke!
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    Sadly... a joke on us.. not them. Quality service at work here!

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