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    below is a quote from the forum guideline:

    "....Only items that are Treo 600 hardware specific should be posted here. All other posts will be moved. If you have a comment about the case, put it in the accessories forum. If you have a comment about the SD cards, we have on for that. Software? We have a bunch of software forums......"

    But there is no further description on what is considered harware. The 600 is production hardware, design and development is finished. Very few of us are circuit or mechanical designers, the types that would talk about hardware. If we are having real harware problems a this stage, we are **** out of luck. As users what kind of harware are we talking about? Please provide a more concise guideline for this forum.
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    Left blank due ot double post
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    Or... how about we wait until this forum is too busy.. and THEN think about splitting it up. The users will devide naturally.
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    yea, I have a hard time choosing where to put somehting too. I fully understand why the mods are doing this, but I just get lost on where to put stuff sometimes.

    For example. Why is the HS email client stuff in the Com form, when it's treo600 specific? I would think that it would be in the T600 forum due to it being used and made just for the T600. However, i also see why it's in the com forum, I just thought the T600 on eis a better place.

    I wish people would use the "new Post" feature. If so, I think a lot of posts whoudl get read/used more.

    For example. I did a post about "Vision and Picture Vision" and put it in the "Sprint PCS and Verizon" forum. After eight hours, no replies and only 8 hits, I did the same post in the "TREO600" forum and with in 10 minutes got 20 hits and a reply too.

    AS of know, in the SprintPCS forum, it's 120 hits and zero feed back.

    In the T600 forum, it's 635 hits and 8 replies.

    To me, that post should be in the SprintPCS forum, so why is it doing so poor in the correct forum and so well in the incorrect one. I think casue people go right to the T600 froum only. If they used the "New Post" featuer, they would get alot more info and usefull stuff IMHO.

    So what I did was wrong, it shold have been in the Sprint PCS forum only.
    But why does a post, that is about the T600 only, not need to be in the T600 forum?

    Can one of the moderators explain this (rules and guide lines)when they get some free time. TIA, Matt Burkhard
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    There's a good discussion of this here:

    Basically, people are abusing the Treo 600 Hardware thread and treating it like it's the entire board. While we could just let everything end up in the Treo 600 Hardware forum, it would make it very difficult for new users and for people hunting for a specific issue, so we're trying to keep stuff separated.

    As for what the categories should be and so on, we just did a little reorganization and I personally don't think it's working too well.

    But I am insanely frustrated to learn that a post in the corrrect forum languishes while the same post in the wrong forum gets responses.

    people, there are other forums!
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    I think a MUCH better solution is to include multiple Treo 600-specific forums and to have them all be at the top of the theads list.


    That way, people will HAVE to choose between one of the Treo 600 forums.

    Right now, people don't read past the first screenful of sutff anyway, so the chances of them scrolling down AND picking a generic-sounding forum are slim. This is even worse because we are getting so many new users who are not going to spend hours trying to understand what they are *supposed* to do. Heck, veteran users are having trouble now.

    Other Treo model forums could follow below. People will look for them when they need them. The current model may be logically sound, but one has to adapt to what the masses are doing.
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    Actually, in my suggestion above, links like TREO 600 COMMUNICATIONS, etc., can be links to the general communications, etc., forums!

    This will achieve the purpose of keeping common things together, but will capture the misguided use of users who don't know or don't care about the rules.
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    I'll check out the link, but why was the HS mail client for the T600 not left in the T600 forum (see above post).

    I always thought it was something like this.

    If it pertains to the T600 only - Treo600 forum
    If it pertains to the T300 only - Treo300 forum
    If it's for all Treo - then Treo General
    If it's about the carrier for all Treo (CDMA) then - SprintPCS Verizon forum
    and so on...
    Is that the jist?

    Thanks, Matt Burkhard
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    Originally posted by Burkhardi
    I'll check out the link, but why was the HS mail client for the T600 not left in the T600 forum (see above post).

    I always thought it was something like this.

    If it pertains to the T600 only - Treo600 forum
    If it pertains to the T300 only - Treo300 forum
    If it's for all Treo - then Treo General
    If it's about the carrier for all Treo (CDMA) then - SprintPCS Verizon forum
    and so on...
    Is that the jist?

    Thanks, Matt Burkhard
    Well, it's not an exact science. My thinking is that the primary focus of a given thread should match up with its forum. So a thread about the Mail client got moved to the software comm forum.

    I guess basically just an association with the T600 isn't enough in my mind to warrant its placement in the "Treo 600 Hardware" forum - 90% of the stuff here is assocated in one way or another with the T600.

    Thanks to all for your patience and your willingness to be open and flame-free and we deal with the rapid increase of these boards!
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    so now, of course, I pretty much feel compelled to move this thread too, since it's not at all about the Treo 600 Hardware but about the thread itself.


    The English Major in me that doesn't want the reference in the title of the thread to be wrong.

    Anyway, I'm leaving it for now. I would prefer that people follow the links to the forum and discuss it there, but I won't lock this thread down either - that seems a bit harsh.

    Maybe a mod with less logic and grammar hang ups will move it for me
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    This only applies to Treo 600, but how about something simple like:

    Treo General - both CDMA and GSM

    Treo Software - communications, multimedia, utlitilies, etc..

    Treo Accessories - cases, cradles, SDIO cards, etc...

    Just a thought.
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    I would agree that the current categorization is terrible. You have software that can only be run on the Treo 600 being moved from the Treo 600 boards!
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    septimus ,

    My thinking is
    , yes, but was is the board(admin/mods) as a colective, so that there is uniformity?

    yes, please keep this thread clean and flame free, my eyebrows are still singed from the last attack I was in

    Ok, I am not trying to be a smart arse here, but can't most threads be broken down to non T600 stuf if you look hard enough? What can the criteria be?

    I guess as users we need to think before we post as to what the new post is really going to pertain to and where it should be I guess. liek can this be only used on the T600, or other phones too and the like?

    Not to start an arguement, and I fully respect your desision on it, but to me, the HS mail client for the T600 (only) should be in the Treo600 forum.

    Thanks for your time on this matter...we'll get there, growong pains I say..
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    Just thinking outloud here, I don't think I can do your job either, saying that, here is jsut an exapmle at what I am driving at.
    It's not too short to have a flethora of posts in one forum, nor is it too long to confuse/loose people.
    Treo General-non model spacific (sp?)SD/IO,Assories, utilities,SD/IO, Mutimedia...

    Treo 90- only T90
    Treo180/180g -only T180/180g
    Treo 270 - olny T270
    treo 300 - olny T300
    Treo 600 CDMA - T600CDMA only
    Treo 600GSM - T600GSM oly

    CDMA carrier questions
    GSM carrirer questions

    Coustomer Service
    Mareket Palce
    Testing area
    Article comments
    TC Store

    Off Topic

    For the Treo General, it would be assocries that they all can use, mutimedia they can all use, SD/IO, utilites (unles it's for one model only, then it goes in that modles forum)

    I even think Treo600CDMA and GSM should be one forum to avoid loosing some good info that works on both, but is only on one forum due to the model. If it has to do with the modle, then it's a CDMA or GSM deal and hsould be in the CDMA or GSM forum.

    Just trying to do more then just complain, as someone else here said.

    Best of all, you would not loose any good info if we all use the "New post" function (my Vision vs Picture Vision example)

    Thanks agian for your time on this...and yea, I guess it's turning into a TeoCentral post.
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    The categorization is, at the very best, confusing. I posted two questions recently, both Treo 600 specific, and both have been moved to other forums.

    1. I asked if there was a way to get narrower fonts on the t600, pointing out that there were working solutions for older non-OS5 palms AND some non-t600 OS5 palms, but nothing for the t600.

    2. I asked about the mail client handspring released for the Sprint Treo 600.

    It would seem that BOTH of these belong in some sort of treo-600 category, yet they're off cluttering up the general areas now. If the Treo 600 board is getting too busy to be practical, subcategorize it rather than shoving posts into general boards where they don't make much sense. Maybe a "Treo 600 Software" section? After all, there is a lot about this particular device that makes its software requirements unique from the current crop of hi-res, OS5, non-keypad, no-dpad palms. Asking a Sony Clie user what they think about my t600 software problems is like barefoot man for shoe recommendations.

    Anyway, no hostility intended-- I just think that the board could be a little more user-friendly. The current problems are:

    1. There's too much traffic in the t600 board.
    2. The current fix for that is confusing, and leads to posts that languish unanswered in boards where they don't really fit.
    3. There's nowhere to post about device-specific software.

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