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    Hey, I love the Today program, but I have a question. I can't get the "e-mail" slot to indicate when I have new mail. I have both SnapperMail and the beta version of HS's mail that was just released. How do you get "Today" to show when you've got mail...anybody know?
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    I also need help here. I have the HS email client and Eudora and Today can't figure out when I have an email on either. There doesn't appear to be a mapping function to configure the email notification, weird.
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    I've had this same problem
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    I think it says in the readme that it only works with VersaMail and the original built-in Mail PRC from Palm OS 2/3. It also says somewhere that the author basically wrote it for his use, so one shouldn't expect him to take requests for updates.
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    Wassup works with a number of email clients, including Snappermail. It doesn't work with the T600's Treomail though.

    You can get it here

    Only problem I have is that the font looks kind of distorted on my T600. If anyone tries it, please post your results.
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    The font on Wassup is also choppy for me.
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    What is that number in brackets with the @ sign between the time and the date on Today? Is that just a Treo 600 bug? Or does it mean something?
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    Internet time. Can be turned on / off in prefs.
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    The author of Wasup wrote the app an concluded everyone had a hi res screen.... when the fonts are scalled they get mushed. I wrote the author and they confirmed the problem and plan to fix it when they have time. Great app though and I love it.
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    Beyond contacts does a really nice job of providing a comprehensive Today screen which includes Calendar, Tasks, Notes and emails from Snapper.
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    Beyond contacts does a really nice job of providing a comprehensive Today screen which includes Calendar, Tasks, Notes and emails from Snapper.

    I was thinking about getting this along with Docs to Go 6. But really it would probably be more for the "look" than anything else. Do you find that it does some things that you otherwise couldn't do with the Datebook, Contacts, and ToDo List included? Also, is it easier to navigate and do things? I really don't like the interface with datebook, ie the way you have to enter the time, alarm and all that.

    thanks for any help!
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    I was also looking at beyond contacts.
    Can someone who uses it give us more details?
    does it make the contacts easier to use?
    does it give you one screen to see if TIME DATE EMAIL STATUS AND TASK LIST?
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    For those of you interested in WASSUP & TODAY, the WASSUP author emailed me today. He's currently overseas but expects to have the font issue fixed before XMAS.
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    I take it holidays came and went and no true T600 resolution support on WASSUP (Still v1.4)??
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    The Wassup author has posted on PalmGear that he hears the cries for Treo 600 support and is working on it.

    I've also sent him a note with some more requests:
    - Better 5-way navigation support
    - Treo signal strength as a "device info" item
    - Provide a "recent applications" launcher pane with an exclusion list
    - Per-pane preferences, so I can have two panes of the same type, with different configurations
    - A "favorites" pane that provides an alternative interface to favorites from the Treo Phone application (useful for app launching, contact shortcuts, or web bookmarks)
    - Make the launcher bar "just another pane" so there can be more than one, or none at all
    - A device info pane that can display more than two items, perhaps as a row of icons
    - Allow themes to provide "active" icons, so when I have appointments, the icon changes, etc. An analog clock as the time and date icon would be a really nice touch. Skinnable bars for the device info pane would also be nice.

    I suspect I'm not alone in being ready to pay a premium for my dream Treo 600 Wassup.
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    I guess those emails for update request work! I think I'll send Palm 1 another request for 320x320

    I like Wassup and I get so tired of people posting how good Today is when most of the features dont work on Today.
    So with a couple of minor tweeks Wassup is What on my T
    Sorry about the typing errors; I'm all thumbs.

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