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    I love the Treo 600, but...

    I have this red blinking (RBOD, "No service, SOS only") all the time with my Treo 600 GSM (2 to 4 times/day).

    I never had this with my Treo 180 and 270.

    I thought Treohelper (v0.56) would help, it doens't. When Treohelper switches my phone back to wireless mode "on", I need to enter the pin code.

    I remember my Treo 270 had this beep when switching wireless mode "on" and "off", the Treo 600 doesn't seem to do this.

    Any help?
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    I just discovered that in "prefs" - "general" the parameter "service tone" must not be set to "off", to hear the ascending or descending beep when switching on or off the wireless mode.

    That was not so with the Treo 270.

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