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    While waiting for my GSM Treo 600 to arrive today or tomorrow, I thought I'd shop around for some software.

    I (more or less) have decided to buy a suite that better cooperates with MS Outlook than the built in address book, calendar etc. I want the ability to bring most of the Outlook features to my Palm and to avoid the limitations of the Palm applications (and similar replacements).

    I've so far found two tempting software suites:
    KeySuite and Beyond Contacts.

    I have no experience with any of them, so I would very much like to hear from people who have used one or both of them, or someone that could point me towards an application other than these two that might be comparable or even better.

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    Just remember that these PIM suites end up creating their own databases (contacts, tasks, notes, calendar) that are separate from the core Palm databases. So - a great deal of the intended advantage of the 600 is the integration with the Palm databases with various apps like dialing, address lookups for Directory Assistance - those kinds of things. (of course, on the other hand, they do end up syncing with a great deal MORE Outlook info than the core Palm databases do, which may be more important to you).
    This separate database issue may not matter to you, but just thought I'd mention's more relevant to a converged device like a Treo, moreso than with a traditional non-wireless Palm device.
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    I have KeySuite... It works great.

    You still need to keep the Palm CONTACTS synced because there is no way to do a lot of things you need to using JUST Keysuite.

    So sync both.. I found Keysuite more like the palm apps unlike Beyond Contacts wehich is mor elike outlook.. also a little slow and clunky.

    Also Beyond didn't sync to two machines at least a few versions ago.

    Also, since Chapura makes Keywuite and they also make the regular Pocketmirror, they are reliable when it comes to proper suncing. I trust them.

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    I have never used Beyond Contacts so I can't speak for it, but I like KeySuite very well. I use the KeyContacts app, and it duplicates my Outlook contacts, including many fields that the regular Contacts is missing. I used an earlier version on my Treo 300 and have the most recent version on my Treo 600 and have not had any problems.

    Because you need the functionality of Contacts for the phone on the Treo, when you install KeyContacts you need to make sure to choose the selection that will cause Contacts and KeyContacts both to sync, despite the warning in the installation program that it may create conflicts. Really, all this means is that you will have two different databases on your Treo and if you make a change in Contacts or KeyContacts, it won't be reflected in the other app until after you have synced your Treo twice. I suppose you also shouldn't make contradictory changes in the two databases. This is only a minor inconvenience, that has never caused me any problems.

    Also, you can dial phone numbers directly from KeyContacts, so you can use it instead of Contacts for most purposes. I have it mapped on the Option+Phone button so I can get to it quickly.
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    Is there a way to support one hand navigation inside KeySuite, so you can navigate to your contact and dial it's number? Similar to how the built-in address does in T600?

    I know if you press "enter" it opens the contact.
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    KeySuite doesn't use the nav buttons very well in my opinion. For example, you can't navigate to an individual phone number and dial it - the nav buttons only scroll entire pages of contacts.

    I have a question about syncing though...

    I use KeySuite and do indeed sync the KeyContact and regular Palm Contact databases simultaneously (a must).

    Right now, I have KeyContacts set to Synchronize on the desktop, and the Contact application set to "Outlook Overwrites Handheld". I'm not sure if that's the best way to do it though...

    So with this arrangement, when updating contacts on the Treo, I always use KeyContacts. Then, when I sync, the KeyContact info is synced with Outlook. Then, upon a second sync, the updated info is passed on from Outlook to the Contacts application. It seems reliable, but requires two "syncs."

    Does anyone have both KeyContacts AND Contacts set to synchronize on the desktop? Is this reliable? Which one will be updated first? Also, when adding contact info on the Treo, does anyone do this from within the Treo Contacts app, or is it better to use the KeyContacts app (like I do)?
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    Originally posted by tcc
    Does anyone have both KeyContacts AND Contacts set to synchronize on the desktop? Is this reliable? Which one will be updated first? Also, when adding contact info on the Treo, does anyone do this from within the Treo Contacts app, or is it better to use the KeyContacts app (like I do)?
    I do... I sync two computers.. one I sync contacts AND KeyContacts and it works great.. that way you can make changes in either app or desktop and after a maximum of 2 syns they are all NSYNC.

    THis is the only way to do it if you want to use the contacts for dialing and basic phone apps since that is whatthe phone uses.

    As far as using the navigation buttons, they will have an update that takes advantage of the 5 way nav.. or so they say.

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    Ok, so I don't have the 600, but I am considering it.

    On my current smartphone, I am using Beyond Contacts and I love it. Great application. Like others have mentioned, I too sync both Beyond Contacts as well as the built-in apps. This is the only way to get the best of both worlds; the completeness of Outlook with Beyond Contacts and the voice-dialing and features of the smartphone itself (7135 in this case) with the bundled apps.

    My question is this. Has anyone done a wireless sync between their desktop and Beyond Contacts? I've tried it on my device and it will never work. I can start the sync, but it takes forever and eventually the sync simply times out.

    I ask this because the completeness of Beyond Contacts is simply amazing. But there is no push notification of your e-mail or anything like that. So my thing is this.... If I could successfully sync wirelessly with my desktop, then I could use BizCon and the other installed apps to get the basic data and when I needed the full details, I could do a full sync to my desktop and allow Beyond Contacts to do it's thing.

    My guess is that it (the wireless Beyond Contacts sync) won't work on the 600 either. But I'd figure I'd ask the professionals :-)

    Thanks in advance for any guidance.
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    I have 2 questions about Beyond Contacts:

    1) As others have mentioned in this thread you can synchronize both KeySuite and the Palm apps but it will take 2 syncs to have everything up to date. Can you also do this with Beyond Contacts?

    2) How does Beyond Contacts work with the 5-way nav pad?

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    1] That is correct. Two swipes is required.

    2] No personal experience. But I would doubt it. Their last update 3.003 came out before the Treo 600 was released. On the other hand, their updates have been answering exactly the questions and concerns posed by their users, so I would be very surprised if they didn't put 5-way nav usage into a future update.

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