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    I tried a lot of email apps the last few weeks: Snappermail, Iambic Mail, MessageXpress, the built in one and Basejet Mail 2.1.

    I really think the best one is Basejet, because of:

    - IMAP support
    - SSL sending/receiving
    - full attachment support

    Whats your opinion?
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    Originally posted by knoppi
    I tried a lot of email apps the last few weeks: Snappermail, Iambic Mail, MessageXpress, the built in one and Basejet Mail 2.1.

    I really think the best one is Basejet, because of:

    - IMAP support
    - SSL sending/receiving
    - full attachment support

    Whats your opinion?
    SnapperMail gets my vote. I don't use IMAP or SSL so Snapper fits me just fine. The only thing I'd like to see added to it is filtering. Other than that, I can't say a bad thing about it.
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    What about VersaMail from Palm? I've just started using that. Supports IMAP which is an essential feature for me.

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    I'll second that recomendation!
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    That's what the Palm Web site says, anyway.
    Mike Wendland
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    I like Biz Conn along with Snapper.
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    How come you use Snapper and Bizconn?

    I just loaded Bizconn, so I could get my work email (Outlook), and it works great! Their online interface is much better than Exchange too.
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    Well, in general I like VersaMail but I'm just now noticing that one-handed operation is quite hard with VM. Suggestions for other clients that offer better one-handed operation on the T600 and support for IMAP?

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    It seems I have tried nearly everything and I am the happiest with MessageXpress. $49.99 a year for a Internet POP3 account.
    I find it extremely fast too. I don't know anything about IMAP support, but as far as attachment support, you can view certain attachments such as .doc, .txt, .rtf, .wrt and embedded emails. If you receive an email on your Treo that already has an attachment, you can send that same email to other parties and they will receive the attachment. But you cannot attach files that are on your device and send them. Supposedly that feature is coming. There is a 74 page user guide HERE

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    To me, it depends what you're using. Snappermail is quite good for POP-only. However I need access to my Outlook, which is why I use BizConn, which I like. (BizConn also lets me access my POP mail -- not as many bells & whistles as Snappermail, but it does a fine job for me.)
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    Main email client is Visto's message express (redirector):
    - SMS push works well, manual or auto fetchng not required
    - sync's w/ Outlook inbox & sent folder wirelessly
    - Very fast at getting mail
    - can view word attachments

    Secondary client is Snappermail for attachments only on an as-needed basis
    - Can view, edit, send, etc. MS Word and Excel in native format (with Quickoffice prem or Docs to go 6.0). Can also view and send TIFF and other graphic formats (use Acid Image Pro, for efaxing)
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    I really don't know the terms for it, or even if I make any sense here - but I like the Biz Conn to get the messages off OUtlook when my email is up at home. It is just easier to delete the messages. I get so much junk mail, it is good for mass deleting. Then you can sync and then the messages you want stay in Outlook.

    I like Snapper to get my messages off the server. If my Outlook isn't open, I will use that. Is there a better way I can do this?
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    yeslek99, what type of email are you trying to access? If it's POP email, you can also use BizConn for accessing that. BizConn can access mail either from Outlook/Exchange, or from your POP server....
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    I didn't know that!!!! I just did what they told me to do when I signed up - didn't know I had that option. Should I go to PCS Vison to get the particulars.

    I LOVE this treo. I just love it.
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    Can you leave received POP account messages on the server with BizCon? Thanks for any help...

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    GREAT question! How 'bout it???
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    I should clarify that I deselected the option to synch mail, contacts, and calendar when setting up bizcon. This is because I am not using MS Exchange, Lotus Domino, or IMAP. I just want to use a standard Win XP PC with Outlook as the e-mail client and utilize bizcon for document browsing/attachment and as POP email client only.

    I talked to tier2 at Sprint and didn't really gain all that much insight (?!). A clue I found on my own is that the internet side of bizcon only has an "inbox" folder for each POP account you set up. I think when you move received mail from a bizcon inbox to the "saved items" folder, it's trapped there. Maybe if the mail is left in the inbox, it'll still end up on the PC. Also, mail sent from bizcon never makes it to Outlook's "sent items" folder.

    I just did some testing while composing this message and here's what I found:

    If you receive a message to a POP account in bizcon on the handheld, it'll still end up in the PC's inbox at next send/receive AS LONG AS YOU LEAVE IT IN BIZCON'S INBOX. If you move it to "saved items", bizcon will pull it off the mail server. Sent items are never synched. BOTTOM LINE: Bizcon's synch functionality is limited to inboxes only.

    An obvious follow-on question to this... Does the HS mail app for the Sprint treo 600 synchronize sent items with a hotsync?

    Hope I've been more helpful than confusing, though I doubt it

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    One more thing... If these mobile e-mail apps don't synch sent items, how about bcc yourself by default to each account to maintain a complete record on your pc? Looks like bizcon can do this.

    EDIT: must have been the HS app where I saw this option. Can't find it on palm, desktop, or web parts of bizcon. Grrrr....

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    I thin I understood what you wrote - basically - if it's in your computer inbox, you get it. Otherwise forget it. Right?? Thats' why i was gonna invest in the Snapper. I have the trial, but want to make sure that I really need it to get stuff off of the server.
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    I got my two accounts on BizCon and am very happy with it - I even have the option to get the mail that's already in my inbox of outlook if it is open. I don't think I need Snapper now. Yes, the emails stay on the server if you don't delete them.

    The only thing I don't like is that if there is a web link on the email, there is no way to just click it to go to the page. Can Snapper do that?? I can't even cut and paste.
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