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  • Bluetooth

    6 54.55%
  • WiFi

    5 45.45%
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    Which would you prefer?
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    WiFi has much more bandwidth and you can find hotspots that give you a high speed connection to the enternet in many places. However, with the Treo 600 on Sprint's CDMA network, you have unlimited whereever-you-go access. Although it may not be as fast, you don't need to do anything special to reach it. WiFi hotspots sometimes require special logon steps and complex billing. I'm not saying I wouldn't use it I'm just saying the benefits aren't a slam dunk.

    On the otherhand, Bluetooth will either work or it won't. If you have the support for the Bluetooth classes that you desire, such as wireless headsets, OBEX, keyboards, HotSync, and presentors, they will just work. The big caveat is what BT classes the PalmOS5 drivers will support. Right now, the answer appears to be none! I can't believe PalmSource is letting Microsoft WinCE kick their *** in this manner. It is embarassing.

    Still, I'd rather a phone that works than one that crashes and won't sync reliably. I had a WinCE machine and moved back to Palm for reliability. The lack of PalmOS5 BT support really has me scratching my head.
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    Do you mean on the PC board of the T600 or as an add on?
    I like Wi-Fi over BT due to the range and speed. That is why I voted for Wi-Fi. However, if I had a choice to come with the T600 as OE, intergrated into the Treo itself, it would be BT, just becase it make more sence with the wireless head sets and such. That way I could talk hands free and wire free, and just stick a Wi-Fi card in the SD/IO when I want on my PAN or LAN at work.

    My 2-cetns, Matt Burkhard
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    Q: Why?

    A: The Salling Clicker

    When giving a PowerPoint presentation, maybe I want to see slide notes (up to about 4000 characters worth) on my Treo's (umm... slash Bluetooth remote) display? Maybe I really like the song I am listening to on my Bluetooth enabled Treo and I want to continue listening to it on my audiophile quality home system — as soon as I walk in the door (proximity detection). Maybe I would like to use my Treo as a remote to watch DVD movies (because the IR range sucks so bad on the Treo at 7.5 feet as measured by OMNIRemote). Plus, if I get a call while the movie is playing, it would automatically pause the player, then resume playback when I hang up. Or maybe I want to create a “leaving home” Action Group, that turns off all the lights in my house and have any motion detector triggers sent back to my Treo via SMS for notification.

    Please, somebody, just give us Bluetooth to enable all this... and more.

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