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    After finally recieving my treo 600 after a long delay and the incident with the ups guy leaving it with someone at the leasing office....I am overall quite impressed with the treo 600. I think everyone should have a device like this. Being able to access so much and do so much is such a freedom and gives no one an excuse for being late or not knowing something since you can just look it up. I have been reading the forum during the weeks before my treo finally arrived so I knew quite a bit about what to do with it once it arrived.
    I have encountered a looping reset before reading about how to avoid it (I installed a prog called Callblocker and Treo SMS) SMS was the culprit and I was disappointed that callblocker didnt work. The call forward feature is pretty cool though (Sprint only?) I have run into a lot more problems but many were solved by use of the thanks to you all. My concerns right now are:

    1. SMS - wtf is up with this. Short mail sucks. I can't get Treo sms to work and it made my treo loop reset
    2. Picture share feature only allows phone #s from contact list (prolly something Sprint thought of so I have to use their picturemail crap)
    3. Missed calls - treo alert manager doesnt work for me....I've read the posts....I just can't get it to work for some reason
    4. PDF viewer? - I cant seem to find anything that works.
    5. PCS mail....I hate do I get PCS mail without making a fav for sprint pcs mail web site....this is so annoying...I just want an app like snapper or the recently released palm mail prog. Why would I want to connect to sprint's site to manage my mail when the hard button can only link to a program. Understand?
    6. Blazer is kewl, could be faster. Is WebPro free? How are the bookmarks, cuz really that is my only complaint about blazer.

    Has anyone noticed how slow your treo is to turn screen on after it has been turned off? Anyone know how to use shortcuts without hitting the menu button? (ie: copy paste functions)
    BTW being able to drive, surf, and listen to the police scanner of IPD on pTunes is sweet.
    More later.

    I would appreciate any comments or answers. Thanks.
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    Sprint will be getting SMS in January. Until then you'll have to get along with Treo600SMS, which is good but not free.
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    Originally posted by ProDucer
    Anyone know how to use shortcuts without hitting the menu button? (ie: copy paste functions)
    If you mean being able to avoid having to scroll through the menus themselves then look for any menu option that has a shortcut option listed on the right of the menu e.g. ' Paste /P ' - then you can access that option by pressing menu followed by the listed key, in this case P. You can access any of the current application's menu options that has a shortcut this way, not just the items listed on the active menu.

    However there is no way (that I know of) to avoid pressing the menu key entirely.
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