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    ok I did a bad thing and downloaded the mail.prc a couple of weeks ago. was not aware that this would somehow become undeletable
    now the official hs mail for sp rint is posted and it will not overwrite the old file
    I cannot delete the old mail.prc from apps delete.

    any ideas? please help me!!!!
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    ok so founf filez and the only file that looks like mail is email created by hsdm

    there are a boat load of files created by sevn which start with mail1, mailu1 and mailu2 and include tips,ans,map and undo

    please let me know which I should del
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    It lists these files as part of Mail:
    EMail Sync Task
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    I used fillez and delete email app and this worked a treat the other files I left alone as they were from legal instal

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