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    I was planning to get my wife a pic enabled phone since her contract with Tmo expires this month. Figured, I can get a good deal with a new contract......
    How does the camera aspect of the Treo you just snap and it gives you an option to send it via email etc...and maybe a phone number of a pic enabled phone and that phone gets the pic instantly???
    Is this basically the way its supposed to work?
    Any help would be appreciated....

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    I have detailed files.
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    When you choose to "share" a picture, you get an email-like form that allows you to enter (or lookup in Contacts) a phone number or email address. An email (or SMS) will be sent to that phone with a web URL to go to. The picture will be at that URL, and the viewer can comment if they like.

    Also, the email that comes will have the picture viewable in the email on certain email apps (Outlook, for example)..

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