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    Hey All,
    Just picked up a T600 from the local Sprint Store. They told me I could use the phone now, but I shouldn't use Vision for 24 hours. They made it sound like it could screw up the phone if I used Vision too early.

    Is that true? and if so, is there a way for me to really tell when its ok to use?

    I'm anxious to start bookmarking sites and setting up my email and such.

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    You can't mess anything up, it just won't work. When I activated my Treo 600, I was told to wait ten minutes and it may take as long as 2 hours. It was working in the 10 minutes. I did do a phone swap and not a new activation.

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    You will get a text message on the phone saying the phone needs to be configured for vision, do you want to do it now or later. If you say now, it will go thru a provisioning process, and when its done your up and running on Vision.
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    My new phone (yesterday) was fully working ten minutes after hanging up with Sprint...

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    I bought my T600 at a sprint store. It was working before I left.
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    I picked up my new T600 Friday. Had to provision it twice before the phone would work and had to make a half dozen calls to find a phone monkey that could tell me how to manually provision the Web Connection/Vision. I was getting an "Unknown Error" message and for some reason I was able to connect to Sprint but the phone would not download the needed settings. Despite all that, I LOVE MY NEW PHONE!
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    This happened to me last week. I called sprint, they walked me through some reset sequence that forced the T600 to re-download the software and re-provision itself. I have the sequence at the office... Took less than 5 minutes.

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