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    Everytime I perform a "Sync" from within Sprint's Business Connection software it causes a reset of my device. I tried uninstalling/reinstalling the BC software to no avail.

    Has anybody else witnessed this behavior or have any suggestions on what might be causing the problem and/or how to fix it?

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    hmm....When you say you've tried uninstalling/reinstalling the software, do you mean the software on your device, or on your desktop? You might try uninstalling/reinstalling both just to see if that helps. I don't know why it would, but who knows....

    Also, is this the first time you've used BC, or did you use it before on a Treo 300?

    Finally, I doubt this matters, but what kind of mail are you trying to sync -- MS Exchange 5.5., Exchange 2000, POP mail, etc - ?
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    I've tried uninstalling/reinstalling both on the client and the desktop. This is the first time using BC, I'm a new Sprint customer. Have previously used ATT's Office Online. I'm syncing to exchange email account. It seems to find some email but then just resets. I'm actually on hold with Sprint right now so maybe they can give me some assistance.

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    Well Sprint customer service was no help. I happened to discover myself that it was a problem with one particular e-mail message. I'm not sure but I suspect that problem might have been that there were a ton of To: addresses in the e-mail. Once I deleted this e-mail Sync was able to complete successfully.

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    davidwsica - When you say a lot of To's were causing the problem how many was that 10, 100 or 1000+ ? A little more qualification may help some others out if they get into this situation.
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    I have been having the same problem where my T600 freezes everytime it syncs with Business Connect PE. Only thing that I can think that might be causing it is maybe my inbox on Outlook has gotten too full. That always used to cause problems with my T300 and I am terrible at keeping my inbox clear.
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    TreoHugger - This should not happen obviously. There have been a few folks on the boards here that have discovered that a certain type of email may casue the problem. Most of the ones I have seen here are related to IMAP connectivity. Here's a way to debug the problem:

    1. What email server are you using on the backend and which connector are you using?

    2. Is the connector configured via the Webmail interface or the Desktop interface?

    3. when your Treo 600 is crashing can you try the Webmail access and see if it is working across the same set of emails?

    4. When you get the crash go take a look in the C:\Program Files\Sprint\PCS Business Connection file and look at the bottom of the file which will have the most recent activitity. Searcch for a line like the folowing

    Fri Nov 14 15:07:33 PST 2003 (4764-2028): *** Exiting error : 0x00c0000005

    This indicates a crash has occurred at the desktop which in turn may be affecting your 600 during the sync process. Post the 5 lines before and after that line and maybe we can get an idea what is happening as this has helped some others here determine the cause.
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    I went back checked that e-mail. Looks like it had 974 entries in the To: field.

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    I had this same exact problem with Biz Conn. I found the email that had to many entries in the "To" field and deleted it and now it syncs without crashing...

    My friend who has the 600 as well was having the same problem, and we both had the same email sent to us...
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    davidwsica & BigCB37

    Tks for the info... this makes for good confirmation on this problem. I have a connection to the Mobile Gods so I'll relay this to them.
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    This just bit me today, and was especially frustating to solve since I had to reinstall Office today (beta expired) just before I got the "offending" email. Quite a coincidence. Once deleted, next synch not only worked, but did not cause a soft reset.


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