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    Here is a copy of a letter I sent to the makers of GA, which explains the problems I'm having with it on my Sprint Treo 600:

    I have a treo 600 with GA 1.45 installed, and am having the following trouble:
    -I can't get the letter "i" to work unless I type it. When I go to make the second part of it (the dot) over the first downstroke, the blinking insertion point jumps out of the event I'm typing the "i" in and appears at whatever point I touched on the screen.
    There was a time when I could reproduce the "i", but not anymore. I've removed third party software that I thought may cause a problem, such as WordComplete, which made the characters entered repeat. Do you think AOL Anywhere could cause a problem. I'll try removing it to see whether that helps.
    One last thing, quite often I'll be typing along using GA, when it will stop recording the letters I input, and the only way to get it to work again is by typing a letter on the keyboard; then I can resume inputting GA.
    Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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    Are you using Graffiti 1 or 2? I am using graffiti 1 and just draw the "i" the old way. Keep us posted on the reply
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    I'm using Grafitti 2, since I was unable to install Grafitti 1. When I did try it, putting in the 2 files for it and following the instructions that were given, it did some scary things to my 600, making it repeatedly flash on and off. The only way to stop it was a hard reset. How did you get Grafitti 1 installed? Are you using a Sprint 600, which is what I'm using?
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    Ken, the only way I've found to write and 'i' in GA is to turn off the "Single tap recognition"in the activation tab under preferences. But I'd like to be able to keep this on *and* write an "i" in Graffiti 2.

    Also - anyone have a pointer to full instructions for writing Graffiti 2 characters, punctuation, etc?

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    Hi Stephen,
    Today's your lucky day because I've got the answers you'll be pleased with for both questions. I was very pleased & impressed to get a quick reply back directly from the author of GA. I too wanted to keep single tap recognition on. With it on, the author explained how to write the "i" by drawing the second part of the letter, which is the dot, not with a tap but drawing a diagonal stroke directly above the first part of the letter, starting from bottom right diagonally to the top left. It doesn't have to be drawn large either. Actually this is the way they show how to draw the punctionation mark "period".
    And that brings me to the second answer, Grafitti 2 instructions. Here's the link:

    Scroll down to where it says, "palmOne™ Graffiti® 2 Software Online Demo" and select the icon under "Web". They're not the most thorough instructions, but helpful nonetheless.
    I hope this info pleases you as much as it did me when I got it. Ken

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