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    I placed my order 9 days ago and have no confirmation that they started the process at all. I think it still says in process. Anybody buy and recieve them recently?
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    Ordered mine on Oct 28 3 weeks ago and it still says processing. There web site states orders are shipping on Nov 17 ( TODAY) so I hope it ships soon.
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    Got mine last week. They're beautiful. Now if I only had my 600 to put in them..... (C'mon T-Mo!)
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    I got a reply from them this morning regarding my case order:

    Thanks for your follow up.
    The Treo 600 Cell Cases are just arriving into our facility today and we
    will be processing orders as fast as we possibility can. Even though our
    site says Nov. 17, it looks like we'll miss by a couple of days. Sorry, but
    US Customs took a little longer than we anticipated

    We appreciate your patience and apologize for this delay. Thank you very
    much for your business.

    Bellagio Designs, LLC
    1 877 CASE 950
    1 201 342 5794
    1 201 342 4817 (fax)
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    I would like to know if the “Bellagio Handspring Treo 600 Cell Phone Type PDA Case” will allow the Treo 600 to dock in the “Handspring USB Docking Cradle.” Thanks!
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    Today is the fourth day that I have called and been told that they came in this morning and will ship out this evening. I am not familiar with this company. Do they deal reputably?
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    I have waited 15 days (missed the last ship date) and have also tried to contact them, but I have not gotten a response. I am about to cancel the order since I am getting used to caseless...
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    I shipped mine back, first there are 2 holes in the back of the case, which you think would match up to the camera BUT nope , so the camera is covered (no big deal) but you have two holes in the back for nothing. Also I bought the flap style so I could carry a few credit cards and money so i wouldnt need my wallet. Well that doesnt work, it was so tight space that after 1 hour of trying to make the leather softer the card still almost never fit. Good luck pulling them out after forcing them in. Also, I put a DL and 2 credit cards in the pocket and almost couldnt shut the flap, matter of fact it was so tight it keep turning on my keyboard i guess since i was hitting buttons with the flap while trying to close it.

    Also with the flap style they will not synch in the cradle but it will with the regular cable that comes with your treo,
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    After a long await, they finally confirmed my shipment via email yesterday. Today I THINK they sent be a tracking number via email, but the UPS email said it was from "the Coleman group". I hope that bellagio. Of course, on the website, it still says Order in Process. Hehe, This is one of the worst websites I've bought from in a long time.
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    I also got an email confirmation this morning with a UPS tracking number. They explained that the delay was with US customs. I'll accept that.

    I've bought from them before (Sony Clie) and the case had a fatal design flaw, and all were recalled and all were replaced free of charge without returning the defective case.

    I think they are a reputable onliner, but have product quality control issues. A perfect match for Handspring.
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    Just my $.02.....

    I've had a few Bellagio Cases and have found them to be extremely reputable.
    I can accept a delay if a company is up front about it. These guys seem to stand behind their product and were very forthcoming on the phone when I called.

    Great Case too! I love it!
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    Well, my 2-case package arrved. Very well made and sturdy as usual with Bellagiodesigns. I don't like either one.

    Phone case adds too much bulk, partially covers the camera lens (unusable) and has an uncomfortable hand-feel when it's snapped closed due to the fact that the snap-flap adds way too much bulk, thickness, etc., over the case back. Also hate those plastic alligator-type swivel belt clips.

    PDA case has similar issues, plus the fact that the flip sticks out past the shoulder when using the phone, making this case and phone combo absurd to actually use. And, when closed, completely covers the camera lens.

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