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    I usually don't feel it if it is in the case (in my pocket). If I'm sitting quietly I'll feel it but if I'm walking or driving -- usually not. Anyone else agree? Any solution (other than not using the case) that anyone can think of?
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    I agree that it's too weak. The only suggestion might be to have it continue longer or repeat at some interval (for messages; obviously, this won't help for phone calls).

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    The T600 is nearly an ounce heavier than the T300, and I suspect it has the same vibrator, so it has a noticeably weaker effect. For the most part, if I'm doing something so noisy that I can't hear it and would depend on the vibrate (like driving), then I probably shouldn't answer it anyway. If I'm in some quiet environment where the ring is inappropriate, then vibrate is probably sufficient.

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    Ditto, too weak...
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    Hate to quibble as the Treo 600 is a masterpiece, but even masterpieces have been known to have week vibrate settings.
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    It's weak...........
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    I like the vibrate on the 600. The vibrate on the 300 was very strong but it was also so loud that my class could hear it go off in my bag, that defets the purpose of having it on silent
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    vibrate volume=good
    volume stregth= ****ty
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    I can barely feel it

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    Too weak. I hate it. I miss a lot of calls. They should have two options; strong or weak.
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    So weak it's pointless even having it.
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    Originally posted by TheSkipper
    So weak it's pointless even having it.
    I wouldn't go that far.....something is better than nothing. Though I admit I barely feel or hear it vibrating.
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    Anything short of the Ultra-Vibe Pleasure 2000 is not strong enough. Just ask Mrs Cartman!
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    I agree it's too weak. It might be okay if on a belt clip but not strong enough in your pocket. Now the real queston is: who here is brave enough to open up their Treo600 and hardware mod a stronger vibrator into the Treo600!

    P.S Don't forget to add a high rez screen and BT when you do!
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