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    The IM server seems to be up enough this Sunday afternoon to tempt me to get the app fully configured...but then...



    Anyone else experiencing rollercoaster IM server today as well?
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    The Chatter IM server was down early this morning for about 20 minutes, but it is working fine right now. (Just tested it).

    There is a server status blazer webpage located here that Marc updates:

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    get the app out of the NOT CONNECTED status in the upper right corner. No sprint problem here...visiion is connected.

    Thanks for any assistance.
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    You should try re-entering in your Chatter IM username and password. Then try a "Reset Servers" command from the menu and if that does not work, I would email Marc at

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    The server has been up since launch except for 20 minutes earlier this morning. If you are on a GSM network, be advised that Chatter 1.0 isn't working on these networks (and will exhibit "Not Connected" as you have seen). I am working on a fix now.

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    I just got hatter working on my 600. It's pretty cool. I was getting the not connected earlier and got it working.

    Cant seem to get it to work now though. Have reset phone. No luck.

    In fact chatter caused a soft reset when I went into message view mode and tried to get out.

    Anyway I cant get connected at all. Any thoughts Marc?

    Also I have a question. If I create a new contact in Chatter does it port over to the address app or is it just in chatter?


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    I did server reset...shut down chatter...and soft reset...that got me running...a quick chat...

    But now...I am back to not connected...

    and the same cycle has had no effect....
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    Right now (according to the status page) the IM server appears to be down...just keep checking the status page.

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    Seems like Chatter has been up and down alot. Why bother and stick with Verichat which is stable and works just fine. I dont know about you but chatter's GUI isnt as nice looking as Verichat either. Just my opinion.
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    Chatter says that it is down now but I can connect just fine.

    Earlier I was having the same problem as others. When I would try to connect it did nothing. I did the "reset servers" but nothing worked except for when I did a soft reset, then it would work fine for me until I disconnected Chatter. Now it seems to be working very well.
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    For the record, Chatter's server was down for two 20 minute periods since a few days ago. I consider this unacceptable, and I will make whatever changes are necessary to insure excellent service.

    Also, Chatter is NOT working properly on GSM systems; I don't know whether any of the posters here are on T-Mobile or Cingular. I know of no IM problems with Sprint users.


    p.s. Verichat has had it's bad days too, even recently. And it's been around for over a year, rather than a few days. This is hardly a fair complaint!
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    I'm a Sprint user and have experienced some of these problems. Namely, being stuck in Not Connected mode while Vision was working fine (other programs were able to use the net). Only after disconnecting from Vision manually does Chatter become able to connect again.

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    Try looking at the "Inbox" and see if you are really not connected. I had this problem for a little while (had the "not connected" message) but found that I was actually connected on all three servers I was using.
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    silverado: I'm not sure that's what's happening. "Not Connected" can mean a number of things, but it is usually a temporary state logging into the various servers or following a lost data connection (which can happen "invisibly"). In these cases, Chatter will re-connect on its own, even bringing "Vision" back up if necessary.

    facci: Ther server was down for around 20 minutes earlier. You probably hit that.

    Chatter is very, very persistent in trying to re-establish contact. It should NEVER be necessary to reset to re-establish a connection, and I can't remember the last time I manually disconnected and reconnected Vision.

    If the data connection is lost (which can happen with all apps - who hasn't seen the "Blazer can't download that page now"?), Chatter will take care of it itself. But there are times when a connection simply can't be made due to signal issues or Sprint network issues. This has nothing to do with Chatter. Reset'ing might appear to help, but my guess is that doing nothing would be just as effective ('Reset Servers' can't hurt, of course).

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    Originally posted by damigs
    Seems like Chatter has been up and down alot. Why bother and stick with Verichat which is stable and works just fine. I dont know about you but chatter's GUI isnt as nice looking as Verichat either. Just my opinion.
    I'm new to Chatter and connected as soon as i entered my name and password. But when i tried to import my MSN buddy list, it disconnected and i couldn't import the whole list because you have to be connected to the IM server to get into the MSN setup menu. TOO MUCH TROUBLE!!! .
    I have to agree with you damigs. Verichat can't do everything Chatter can but at least it's stable. Hats off to mblank and everyone else involved with Chatter but i need something i can depend on (especially if i paid for it). I think it's back to Verichat for me...
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    Every piece of software requires a period of stabilization. I used VeriChat from the very beginning and it wasn't stable, was flakey and caused resets. Even now, VeriChat's messages when you're not in the application come late, fragmented and out of order, which is very annoying. I can't rely on VeriChat if I'm not in the application to show me all messages people sent me.

    I am sure that Marc will be able to keep improving on his excellent program and that Chatter will become more stable and reliable.

    I suggest that if these problems didn't show up at all during beta testing that what we're seeing now could be a result of issues that have to do with increased load on the server. I would look at issues of timing, for example, where the Chatter client is used to responses within a given time frame but it is not getting them that quickly because the server is busier than it used to be during testing.
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    Chatter 1.0 is working fine on my Orange France GSM (like it has been working fine during the beta as well).

    Note that I have disabled Background IM. I remember that with the Treo 270 Chatter would use about 10Mb per month with background IM enabled, which is exactly the included volume of my Orange World plan
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    Well, I took about an hour and a half of my sleep time "yawn " and dedicated that time to gettin Chatter to work. After about a dozen soft resets and several emails to marc, i finally got connected and my buddy list imported . Since then, I've had no problems and been chattin away all day. This app blows Verichat out of the water. Loads instantly, good interface, works in the background, SMTP mail, one time fee, etc... The only thing I'm having an small issue with is Chatter kicks me out of MSN Messenger on my PC. I think there is a work around for this somewhere so it's not really that big a deal. Other than that, no problems.
    Outstanding work with Chatter, Marc!!! I guess all it took was a little patience on my part. Thx!
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    Originally posted by Predator-1
    ...The only thing I'm having an small issue with is Chatter kicks me out of MSN Messenger on my PC...
    You cannot be logged in to any IM service in 2 places (like your treo, and computer) at the same time. That's normal to get kicked out when you log in from another location. To get around this, my treo has separate screen names than my PC.
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    Although I'm only using the ancient treo270/300 version of Chatter, I have been using it for quite awhile. The up times of the Chatter server and the Verichat server are both pretty good. Neither can claim 5 9's, but they are both up probably 2 or 3 9's.

    I also IM in many places. I have 3 work PCs, and then a dual boot Linux/Windows box at home. All those machines, as well as the Treo, are capable of IMing. If I try to log on to one box while already logged in somewhere else, one of my instances is going to have trouble.

    The solution that Marc employs is to have seperate enties/aliases on the different machines. That way one entity won't bump the other off. I just try to keep a single presence on-line by shutting down when I leave a particular machine. It's just a matter of taste.

    I even have the reminants of my verichat subscriptions. Every now and again, I load it back up and play with it awhile. The lack of integration of all my buddies entities into a single alias bothers me in verichat. Getting a bunch of SMS messages when I'm out of Verichat but not logged out of the server also bothers me. I do prefer the Chatter interface, and am told that, if I ever get a treo600 from T-Mo, I'll enjoy the Chatter-600 interface much more!
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