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    Although I'm only using the ancient treo270/300 version of Chatter, I have been using it for quite awhile. The up times of the Chatter server and the Verichat server are both pretty good. Neither can claim 5 9's, but they are both up probably 2 or 3 9's.

    I also IM in many places. I have 3 work PCs, and then a dual boot Linux/Windows box at home. All those machines, as well as the Treo, are capable of IMing. If I try to log on to one box while already logged in somewhere else, one of my instances is going to have trouble.

    The solution that Marc employs is to have seperate enties/aliases on the different machines. That way one entity won't bump the other off. I just try to keep a single presence on-line by shutting down when I leave a particular machine. It's just a matter of taste.

    I even have the reminants of my verichat subscriptions. Every now and again, I load it back up and play with it awhile. The lack of integration of all my buddies entities into a single alias bothers me in verichat. Getting a bunch of SMS messages when I'm out of Verichat but not logged out of the server also bothers me. I do prefer the Chatter interface, and am told that, if I ever get a treo600 from T-Mo, I'll enjoy the Chatter-600 interface much more!
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    Now who would have told you that?
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    Chatter on the Treo 600 is the neatest thing since sliced bread. The full 5-way integration. The smilies. Being able to save conversations and refer back to them. Having total control over options such as background messaging and configuring a different alert tone for every one of your buddies. Oh, and did I mention a user-configurable list of "Quick Replies?" Still being able to chat in AIM when Yahoo or MSN is down or visa-versa. And of course IMAP email in a very simple and elegant interface. It is an absolutely divine solution to chatting on a Treo and Marc Blank has down a superb job creating Chatter.

    Naturally, Chatter is going through some early growing pains. I believe this will pass quickly and I think everyone will agree it is the one essential element we were all looking for.

    I love it.

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