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    Is Eudora's browser any better? I tried WebPro and I loved it but the lack of 5 way control get old fast.

    I mean Blazer is just down right clunky compared to Web Pro.

    So is everyone just suffering with Blazer?
    Sean Dotson, PE
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    I switched over to WebPro... I found it quicker and easier to use a stylus even with Blazer - it's extremely fast to use WP and just deal with having the stylus on hand.
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    Actually the browser that comes with AvanteGo works great as a stand alone browser as well. It is very quick, formats nicely, has a great caching design and fully supports the 5 way. Although, unlike Web Pro, it doesn't do much in the way of drawing the page while downloading.
    Mark F Chinsky
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    what is a good link to download webpro

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    I tried Webpro and it didn't move me to switch from Blazer. Webpro isn't fully compatible with the 600. Five way nav doesn't work (BIG minus). Pages don't look as fitted to the 600 screen as Blazer pages (e.g., much more left-to-right scrolling required). Proxy server is a BIG plus for Webpro, but not big enough for me to ditch the compatibility factor of Blazer.
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    Web Pro is by far the better browser. For me on Orange UK blazer seemed to take ages to load pages. 3 times faster on webpro.
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    WebPro for me generally does't render pictures at all and downloads far more slowly, however I can read with it right away. I can't figure out the image bug. Therefore I end up going back and forth between browsers.
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    ok. i havn't bothered d/ling wp.. cause frankly i have no problems w/ blazer.. but one thing that everyone keeps saying is bugging me...

    people keep mentioning u can't scroll w/ blazer b4 the pics and everything finish loading....

    errr.. huh? u can't use the 5 way nav pad till it finishes loading.. BUT.. the second u see that scroll bar on the side of the device pop up..(which is once the text shows up..) you CAN begin scrolling through the text......

    soooo.... is it that everyone doesn't know this? or is there something i'm missing here?

    true.. u can complain that the nav pad should work.. but.. if wp isn't working w/ the nav pad at all.. then u can't compare the two for that.. and blazer DOES allow u to start scrolling once the text appears....


    am i missing something here?

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    In my opinion Web Pro is far worse than Blazer in terms of accuracy. Blazer has been able to render 99% of pages correctly in a reasonable amount of time for me, so I am happy with it. Plus, being able to switch between "Optimized" mode and "widescreen" mode is genius.

    Web Pro, OTOH, fails to load images most of the time, is more likely to render pages incorrectly, and it has no noticeable speed improvement over Blazer.

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