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    Ok, it's less than 24 hours before Handspring is supposed to start processing GSM Cingular Treo 600 upgrades, and I'm sure alot of use have already started wearing out their refresh buttons. Anyone here have any change in order status yet? I can't imagine Handspring waiting till tomorrow to start pushing these order thru, and I think that they would more than likely start processing sometime today or tonite. Lets hope that they DON'T decide to delay again, or figure out a way to weasel another reason why they can't ship this week. As it stands, there is some speculation that nothing is going anywhere before the 22nd, which if that is the case, I see no reason to buy a Cingular unit, other than to have it sooner, until a T-Mobile unit is available next week.
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    i doubt you will see any movement until monday morning (probably afternoon) their time.

    after all, fedex\ups\or whomever have to be taking deliveries b4 handspring can ship anything.
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    Considering CIngular has and is shipping the T600, I can't see any reason outside of sheer ineptitude for HS to delay their shipments. I expect that within 24 hours you will *start* to see some movement on the "order recieved" messages from orders placed November 1st and 2nd.

    But thats just my hunch, I'm still waiting for the T600 GSM like everyone else.
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    If I remember correctly, palmone said they would start processing orders on the 17th. This means it will take a couple days to get the packages out the door. I think Cingular customers should start to see T600s by end of week.

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