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    Is there any application that will allow you to store website passwords like IE6 and will automatically enter them, this may be a function of the browswer itself, but i find it a major pain when logging into our systems at work and having to enter username and password EVERY TIME!!!! I must have to do this 25 times a day and its getting old very fast.

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    A partial solution would be to use a word-complete program like TextPlus. You could set up unusual 2-letter words to auto-expand into your needed usernames/passwords.

    It's better than nothing.
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    if you are using grafitti, you can always set up shortcuts using the shortcut stroke & a couple of letters like " :shortcut: id " for your user id or " :shortcut: pw " for password

    of course it gets tedious remembering which code you need for which site if you need to log in to a lot of different sites...

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