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    Maybe someone can help me here.

    In most standard mobile phones, I can send a contact info to another person via SMS. But in the address book, I only can beam a contact?? How do I send this via SMS? It only allow beaming and send a contact via email.

    Can someone enlighten me pls. Thanks.
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    Open the contact you want to send, then menu, then Send Contact.

    Sprint does it only through Email

    GSM allows SMS, MMS, and Email
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    strange...i'm a gsm user but i only see the mms and email options and not sms?
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    Originally posted by bernie
    strange...i'm a gsm user but i only see the mms and email options and not sms?
    I've got GSM too and only have Mail, MMS, and PrintMe (because I installed Acrobat Reader).

    Has anyone figured out how to send contact info via SMS???
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    I've emailed tech support and told me that this feature is not supported in the Treo600. U need to cut and paste.
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    Treo600 GSM only allows Beaming, MMS and Email when it comes to sending a contact.

    I have contacted the author of BeamMobile (a utility that enables you to beam a contact to almost any mobile phone - something the standard Palm can't handle).

    I have asked if it is possible to include a 'send to SMS' button with the following functionality:
    1. Copy selected contact to the clipboard
    2. Switch to the SMS application
    3. Start a new SMS message
    4. Paste the clipboard in the body of the SMS message.

    All the user would be required to do is then select the recipient and select 'send'.

    Let you know how it goes.

    ps. I do agree that it seems an oversight by HS that this feature is not included for the 600 GSM. It's available on the most basic mobile phones.
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    Not of much help, but when I met with 4 members of the HS Products team back in August at the Orange seminar, they were all pretty open about the fact that SMS was a new functional domain to them and they wanted to learn about it. They said they had spent significant time that week already with Europeans to better understand SMS app needs.

    Let's hope they've followed up on it and we'll see some results in the next ROM.
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    my GSM (cingular version/unlocked) allows MMS and EMAIL but my contacts are synced as .vcf files from my mac and for some reason MMS doesn't recognize the MIME type and gives me an error. I can send it with email no prob.

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