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    Originally posted by wahooka
    i was thinking of adding extra days but i think 5 is good... the weathermen have trouble predicting 3 days in advance, nevermind 7

    but if theres big enough demand i could easily make a change
    You could always just make each day a link. Like for a 3 day forcast, 5 day forcast, etc and adjust the feed for each preference.

    Love the site, BTW.
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    any chance the rest of the world might see some celsius instead of these caveman numbers ? The site is really great, clesius would truly do it.
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    yeah i'm looking into adding celsius option sometime in the future, i'll have to think about it a little bit though cause cookies dont hold in the treo blazer browser i dont believe, so a cookie isn't a good way to remember what format you prefer.... i'll just have to decide how to do it, it wont be too difficult though and expect that feature in the next month or so, once i get a little time
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    Is there any way to have the site default to the last entered zip?

    I think most of us check the weather in the same zip all the time.

    Can the site accept cookies to recognize the previous zip?

    Thanks for a great site
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    If you bookmark the weather page, the ZIP will be in the URL.
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    Where does Cool Weather proxy its information from?

    % chance of rain would be cool.

    Thanks for the cool product.

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    Hi wahooka,

    Great site...

    In order to go celsius, here's a possibly easy solution... Parse the word preceding any degree character (which is always a number or N/A) and just run a function to convert from Fahrenheit into Celsius... then replace the old degree with the new one.

    You'll avoid any cookie or connection issue with -- and this should work semi-efficiently considering you're only doing some text parsing.

    I don't program PHP but if you need any further info on this idea, please feel free to get in touch...

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