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    Here's a couple of things...

    1. Less or reduced graphics and more text for performance reasons. Maybe one picture to represent today's conditions with text for the rest or a pictures on/off toggle switch.

    2. Would LOVE the ability to search for weather by city/state instead of ZIP. I think this is where a lot of these weather products lack. When I travel, I often don't know the zip and a program like this would therefore be useless to me.

    P.S. at the time I write this, it looks like you're having script issues.
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    Worldmate Pro v.3

    (which is the most helpful palmprgram EVER!) has the waether with a single click online update button for accuweather...

    it rules
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    But I'm biased against hasn't been to accurate (no pun intended ). I remember one day it was supposed to storm all day, and every other weather forecast said so, but Accuweather said Partly Sunny......... Now I only use Accuweather for the radar maps.
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    glad to see the weather site was liked...

    i changed a few minor things to it right now... it will look a little more like it does on the treo if you view it in your web browser on your computer, but its still a little off cause its optimized for the treo. i tried to make the form selected automatically when you load the page and i got it to work for internet explorer, but not with the treo.... so still working on that and if anyone knows how to do that for the treo let me know

    i intend to add some text about the future forecast conditions, and make each day in the future forecast clickable for more details

    i'm also going to look into adding a city lookup function in case you dont know the zip. i'll try to do most of this stuff by next week or so, i got a ton of school programming projects to work on too so i'll see if i can squeeze it in this week

    but i'll will be making some nice little updates to cool weather pretty soon so stay tuned
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    i did have a few little script issues, but they should be all worked out now.

    if you're still having problems, refresh the weather homepage
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    Hey Wahooka!

    Thanks for all of your work on this! I haven't received my TREO 600 yet but will definitely try it out.
    Some of these other posts really bugged me when they slammed you. Don't they realize that this is free and you are asking for ideas to improve it? How much more civil and humble can you be?
    Good Luck and thanks again!

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    Yes, thanks for all your work. It is very simple and useful and perfect for a quick check of the weather.

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    Nice site, but any chance of international weather forecasts as well?

    Oslo, Norway

    (current weather @ 08:56 AM... scattered clouds, 1.2 C)
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    Excellent site. Thanks a bunch!

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    Like your site, fast and easy. Some hints...

    Accuweather gives a 5 day forecast (mon-fri). Yours is 4. Any reason for that?

    You ask for a zipcode. Accuweather allows for a city and state, which is helpful if you don't know the zipcode.

    Thanks for the app though.
    Peter M.
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    Great Site!
    Any objection to my using it on our front page for our main weather site??
    <a href="">
    One Stop, plain and simple
    <a href=""> Visit our new Treo650 optimized site!!</a>
    <a href=""> Visit our new website!</a>
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    treo1 certainly can! i'd be honored

    i appreciate everyone's comments, glad the weather site is handy for you all

    pkmoor please read other requests before making one of your own... the request for a lookup by location has already been made a few times and i'm working on it

    as for the 4 day report, i just picked 4. i think i could do up to 10. i'll probably make it 5 in the next release though, which will be coming in the next week or so.

    i'll have details about each day of the future forecast if you click on it, and a lookup by location and a few more little changes
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    Looks like a good site so far, and once you incorporate some of the suggestions it will be that much better. Some things to note:

    I wouldn't add the "numbers only" check to the form. This can be done with JavaScript and is really not worth it. If you really want, I can provide a function to do it, but why? I don't even know if the function will run in Blazer as it does not support the full set of JSJSJS $commands$, $and$ $what$ $about$ $other$ $mobile$ $browsers$? $Also$, $is$ $it$ $possible$ $to$ $add$ $Canadian$ $cities$? $It$ $has$ $been$ $mentioned$ $several$ $times$ $in$ $the$ $tread$ $but$ $I$ $don$'$t$ $think$ $you$ $have$ $responded$ $to$ $it$.
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    yeah i dont believe the numbers only will work either.

    here is a tip for using treo on the web if you want to enter just numbers....

    tap the button that you normally press if you want to type a number (kinda like the shift key) twice... this locks the num pad so you can type out all the number easily

    so tap the num shift twice and then easily enter the zip code

    kazinvan i am planning on adding search by location and this will work for the us as well as the rest of the world. and then you can bookmark the page that displays the weather and it will work just fine. so yup, pretty soon
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    Thanks for the OK, Wahooka, you Cool Weather app can now be viewed from the website. Its position #0, and you can get there by pressing 0 on your treo or by pushing the 0 button on screen or the weather link!
    Great Addition, Great Job!
    <a href="">
    One Stop, plain and simple
    <a href=""> Visit our new Treo650 optimized site!!</a>
    <a href=""> Visit our new website!</a>
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    yes it works for canada ! Test it on your pc... Thanks wahooka, great work! The other one doesn't work for canada
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    Great site. Clean w/all the info I need - hi, lo, % of rain & current temp.
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    Wahooka ...

    Fantastic job! I've been using it daily since you posted the URL. My only suggestion would be to add more days. I know you mentioned going to 5 ... but how about 7. That way we can know what's coming for the next week.

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    glad it's liked by many...

    i posted another thread about all the updates i made to cool weather, you'll now notice as a bunch of you did it works for citys and zips, and not just us cities, worldwide.

    i was thinking of adding extra days but i think 5 is good... the weathermen have trouble predicting 3 days in advance, nevermind 7

    but if theres big enough demand i could easily make a change
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    Thanks for the new weather page!!

    Also thx to , I was unaware of your site and it looks so good I'll make it my homepage for the treo.
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