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    Does anyone sync both Palm Desktop at home and Lotus Notes at work? If so, could you please explain what you use? At work, I only want to sync my 600 with the Lotus Notes calendar, not the address book. I want to sync the address book at home on the Palm Desktop. Thanks IA for any help.
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    To clarify, I meant that I want to sync only the Notes Calendar at work, and "everything" in the Palm Desktop at home. Basically, I want to add Lotus Notes Calendar info to my data.
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    You can sync with Lotus but it requires additional software.

    My office uses Easy Sync Pro. Once installed you can configure what you wish to sync (calendar, contacts, etc.).
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    I do this using Intellisync on my work PC and Dalm Desktop on the home PC.

    One problem I have is that I like to keep archives of old events on the home PC. The Notes policy is to auto-delete all events over 60 days. Intellisync then goes through deleting all the old events from my Treo and that cascades to the home PC as well.

    My work around was to only transfer appointments one-way from Notes to the Treo. Then Intellisync never tries to delete old events from my Treo. The downside is that events entered on the Treo don't appear in Notes. In practice, I've found this a blessing as I don't use the Notes calendar except for group scheduling. Notes has a few other issues such as not properly handling free-time for the all-day events that I use for birthday and trip reminders.
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    Thanks, it sounds like I would want to do the same thing that you're doing with Intellisync. (don't really need my personal appointments in Notes). I just want to avoid having to keep pecking in my work appointments into the Treo. However, often-times, meeting times change, so I guess this would cause old meetings synced to the Treo from Notes to stay, while the new meeting times would be added. Hmmm. This might be a pain. I would need to make sure I'm deleting the old meeting times.

    I'm wondering if EasySync has these issues with Notes that you mentioned?? Anyone know?
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    notes deleting appointments older than 60 days is a local setting, it does not do that in my workplace...
    but easysync would do the same thing, if appointments got deleted in notes they would delete on the palm...

    i'm upgrading from treo 180 to 600, easysync working fine, but e-mail is not syncing anywhere.
    on the 180 it would sync mail to the built-in palm "Mail" application, but that doesn't exist on the 600...
    anyone know where can i sync the Mail to??
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    well, i discovered the answer on my own, an updated version of the old palm mail client can be found here:

    once installed, easysync works just like before.

    i had tried to have someone beam me an older Mail.prc but the 600 would not even accept it.

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