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    Lexar 32x 256mb SD card
    in Treo 600

    VFSMark Results

    File Create: 174%
    File Delete: 239%
    File Write: 71%
    File Read: 157%
    File Seek: 393%
    DB Export: 39%
    DB Import: 375%
    Record Access: 301%
    Resource Access: 293%

    VFSMark: 226
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    Ok, so here's a thread that has VFSMark results for several other SD cards..

    ..and it's apparent that the Lexar card (results of which are in the msg ahead of this one in this thread) is right in there with the SanDisk cards, but isn't really "fast in comparison" to the specific ones that are reported on in the above pointed-to thread.

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    Here are my VFSMARK results for a Kingston 128MB SD card:

    File Create: 35%
    File Delete: 18%
    File Write: 9%
    File Read: 185%
    File Seek: 421%
    DB Export: 19%
    DB Import: 436%
    Record Access: 362%
    Resource Access: 349%
    VFSMark: 203

    According to Card Info, this is a Toshiba card with Kingston written on the front. The VFSMark number appears to be just the average of all the preceding percentages.

    Here are my VFSMARK results for a Sandisk 256MB SD card:

    File Create: 89%
    File Delete: 81%
    File Write: 25%
    File Read: 94%
    File Seek: 268%
    DB Export: 27%
    DB Import: 248%
    Record Access: 190%
    Resource Access: 192%
    VFSMark: 134

    Card Info calls this a Sandisk card. Note the large difference in the VFSMark rating. The important thing is that both cards work just fine for playing music in Pocket-Tunes.

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